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Tithanos has been training for years.

He always dreamed of bring balance (peace)

To this world.

the elders of his native village (Kotaravva) witnessed much pain, suffering and chaos. during the war of the spear. Even with "the end" of the war. There are many warriors fighting in Arinar and surrounding regions. So he decides to put into practice everything he has learned to bring balance and harmony to the inhabitants of these places.


Tithanos is an awesome fighter using any kind of weapon.

Dexterity to use knives and swords

Strenght to wield huge Hammers and heavy Shields

Knowledge to use staff

An eagle eye to use bows. 

And of course, his fists.


The red lines of his vestments are made of sacred cloths blessed by elders who were priests,shaman and warlocks...which guarantees protection against any type of magic Power.


The Black cloths are made of rough leather

which guarantees protection against melee weapons as axes,swords and so on. And still

lets him move faster. 


He wears a helmet of pure Titanium, which is not only resistent but also gives him the Knowledge to see who he must kill and bring balance to Arina and surroudings.


*sorry for my horrible English*

*i developed this costume using a celphone*

*using pixel app to draw is a nightmare*

*does the size is ok?*


Server BR Tourmaline

Char: Zeusthedog DeathKnight 24

Screenshot_20190212-144815_Pixel Studio.jpg

Screenshot_20190212-141354_Pixel Studio.jpg

Screenshot_20190212-154226_Pixel Studio.jpg

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