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Protector of the Night

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   Protector of the Night is mighty warrior what always appears when Maliat elves are in trouble. The legends about Protector of the Night are now only myths, but Maliat elves still believes in Protector, because it saves them in the times of first war against Darkness, in forms of night furries, mighty dragons controlled by long time forgotten Night elves. Protector is one of them, Night elves, but he changed his loyalty after he saw his own people murder their own kind.

  Armor of Protector of the Night is made of skin of night furries, what is resisted to all kind of magic. Then it is made of poison of lava bazilisks and flames of Kronus. These materials make armor of Protector of the Night inpenetrable by any kind of element magic.

 This armor have purple color like skin of night furries and purple-orange color like poison of lava bazilisks, on shoulders and head there are flames of Kronus.



US-Sapphire Heredurian LV 28  Necromancer


Is it possible to open or to see it?




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