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[2019.02.04] Meet the brightest Spring Moon Festival!


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Here comes another lunar year, and that means start of the Spring Moon Festival in the Arinar! However, the elders do not cease to warn about the return of the Nian, because that’s what ancient prophecies say. We have to reunite and stand against ominous monster to protect the town from attack and save the celebration. You are its only hope, warriors! As a reward for your courage and valor you can get the precious gifts from the Celestial Empire: costumes, smiles, hairstyles, minions and more.


Prepare yourself!


Prophecies never lie. And although the Nyan that was banished from Arinar last year was not supposed to return to these lands, one plate of his scale remained in Irselnort, and that’s why the monster, feeling it, is already getting out of the depths to go to the island and crush everything in its path. Brave warriors, are you ready to recall the ancient holiday rituals to send the monster to the sea bottom?


World dynamic event “Spring Moon Festival”

Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_13.png Screenshot_32.png


You have to complete 6 stages of preparations and battles. Don’t let Nian enter the town and you must finally defeat him!


First stage “Ancient and Forgotten”

Traditions keep the memory of the ancient monster Nian who lives on the sea bottom. Every year, right before spring festivities, it went out to land carrying woes and destruction until it was defeated. But prophets are talking about Nian's soon return. The knowledge of how to defeat the monster was recorded in the folios of the old library which was recently desolated by insidious Mogvays. Punish the thieves and restore the lost knowledge!


Award: Moon Box I and Mystery of life buff - increases health regeneration rate of the character by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


Second stage “Wandering Lantern”

The monster Nian is afraid of red lanterns shining. It won't enter the house with such a lantern over its door. But the lanterns, which have being filled with magic power for the last centuries, became alive and wild. Quiet the wild lanterns near jade spheres.


Award: Moon Box II and Mystery of the spirit buff - increases energy regeneration rate of the character by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


Third stage “Explosive Events”

Nian can be frightened with fireworks, as well as lanterns. The noise of fireworks is unbearable for the monster. But since the evil Tahote began to attack gunpowder makers and steel barrels with powder, the festivities preparations are under threat! Keep Tahote away from the powder stocks!


Award: Moon Box III and Art of melee buff - reduces incoming damage dealt to the character by an auto attack with a melee weapon by 5% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 15%)


Screenshot_22.png Screenshot_37.png Screenshot_40.png


Fourth stage “Absorbers of Colors”

Red colors scare Nian off. Therefore, coastal inhabitants paint their belts with scarlet paint obtained from bark of Poppy Trees. But now these wonderful plants are in danger because of the Devourers. They bind themselves to the trees with invisible bonds, drink their vitality and gain immortality. The bonds have a visible incarnation - they look like ugly living flowers. Destroy the flowers to deprive the Devourers of invulnerability, and then kill the monsters.


Award: Moon Box IV and Art of ranged attack buff - reduces incoming damage dealt to the character by an auto attack with a ranged weapon by 5% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 15%)


Fifth stage “The One Who Came to the Call”

The spirit of depth called Tsiuntsi heard about Nian's appearance and decided to use the chance to enter the world of the living. Destroy Tsiuntsi's loyal servants. While amount of the servants go down, the power of the depth lord is weakening. When Tsiuntsi is weak enough, defeat him!


Award: Moon Box V and Monstrous strength buff - increases the damage dealt by the character to monsters of the Mini Boss, Boss and Raid Boss classes by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


Sixth stage “Horror from the Sea Bottom”

Prophecies were true: the ancient Nian has come from the depths! But the rituals performed will not allow him to do mischief on the island. The angry monster is mad about it all! Fight with the Nian to drive him back to the sea!


Award: Moon Box VI and Power of Unity buff - increases the amount of guild points received by the character by 30% (maximum number of buffs: 1)


Each box may contain the unique Celestial Empire hairstyle, collectible smiley or other festive item:

  • Common empowering relics
  • Signs of Imperishability
  • Unique minions
  • Small Gladiator Elixirs, Unity Potions and Elixirs of Knowledge
  • Potions and scrolls
  • Precious bars

Rewards are given to all players starting from level 5, who have been at the location for at least 30 seconds before the stage was successfully completed. Warriors, who defeat the Nian in the final stage, will receive the most precious chest and have an opportunity to obtain the Nian costume! But to be able to get a reward for the final stage, you also need to complete the previous one.


Restart time: 4 hours after the first stage starts on schedule: 02:05, 06:05, 10:05, 14:05, 18:05, 22:05 (CET)



In addition, unique festive Tsiuntsi costume was added to all the heroic and mythical levels Dungeons! Hurry up to get this rare item, because you can do this only during the Spring moon Festival (drop chance increases with the dungeon level).


Tsiuntsi was a wonderful beast. He understood the languages of the living and the dead and helped to find villains and criminals. But Tsiuntsi’s abilities frightened people, so they drove him into the underground world from where he wouldn’t be able to get out. After many years spent in darkness and solitude, Tsiuntsi became an evil spirit who wants to get revenge on all living on the surface. And here on the eve of the Spring Moon Festival, he was able to escape from his dwelling and hide in the dungeons of Arinar. But only the bravest warriors who do not know fear, will be able to find the monster, because Tsiuntsi will not face anyone who sneaks through the underground labyrinths with horror in his eyes…


Cache of the Heaven Dragon



  • Sentinel of the Forbidden Kingdom (new)
  • The Last Pilgrim (new)
  • Spirit of the Sacred River (new)
  • Fu Hao (new)
  • Princess of Spring Moon (new)
  • Sorcerer of the Spirit Forest
  • Divine Giant
  • Guan Yu
  • Jingwei
  • Imperial silk
  • Spring Blossoms


  • Mace of the Forbidden Kingdom (new)
  • Staff of the Forbidden Kingdom (new)
  • Knife of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Falchion of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Two-Blade Estoc of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Buster of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Thyrsus of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Stave of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Bow of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Arbalest of the Forbidden Kingdom
  • Shield of the Forbidden Kingdom


  • Summon Big Panda
  • Summon Small Panda


  • "Mythical Dragons" Smileys

Great elixirs

  • Gladiator's Great Elixir
  • Great Elixir of Knowledge
  • Great Elixir of Unity

Powerful scrolls and potions

  • Bamboo Scroll of the Tiger’s Patronage
  • Bamboo Scroll of the Turtle’s Patronage
  • Bamboo Scroll of the Phoenix’s Patronage
  • Bamboo Scroll of the Dragon’s Patronage
  • Balm of the Sun
  • Balm of the Moon
  • Рrecious bars

New items in Miracle Shop

Also new exclusive items are available in the Miracle Shop, however only for these two festive weeks:

New charming minion

  • Summon Yellow Pig (new) - unique minion who has active and passive skills:
    applies positive effect "Healing" that periodically restores health for some time (active skill);
    instantly restores a certain amount of health of a character (active skill);
    increases physical and magical defense of the character for some time (active skill);
    increases the maximum health of the character for all time of the minion’s life (passive skill).

Luxurious costumes:

  • Gatekeeper of the Temple of Heaven (new)
  • Emperor of Celestial Empire
  • Empress of Celestial Empire
  • Eastern Dragon

Incredible skins:

  • Sai of Spring Moon (new)
  • Scepter of Spring Moon (new)
  • Dao of the Spring Moon
  • Jiang of the Spring Moon
  • Changdao of the Spring Moon
  • Qiang of the Spring Moon
  • Staff of the Spring Moon
  • Baton of the Spring Moon
  • Bow of the Spring Moon
  • Cho-to-wu of the Spring Moon
  • Shield of the Spring Moon

Festival starts February 4th at 14:00 CET and ends February 18th at 11:00 CET.

We wish you lots of luck and drops!


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On 2/1/2019 at 4:04 PM, Peony said:

 increases the maximum health of the character for all time of the minion’s life (passive skill).

Is there another minions in game who has passive skills?


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2 часа назад, Counciler сказал:

Whats the % hp increase from pig ?


26 минут назад, Omercix сказал:

Is there another minions in game who has passive skills?


No, she's so unique :true_story1:

26 минут назад, Omercix сказал:

there are how many hairstyles and smileys ?


Let it remain a surprise)

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cold relic of obstinacy does not appear when she activates in my dk does not appear and ta the same thing did not feel difference I paid 600k in her atoa

Edited by Reivenorik
visual pollution +
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36 минут назад, ericoy сказал:

buffs say they give hp mp regen , but i have same stats 

Are you sure?


@eriscao I ask you to contact technical support, here is the link - https://warspear-online.com/en/support/other-issues

2 часа назад, Baobao сказал:



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13 минут назад, Omercix сказал:

Desciription says it increase total regeneration, but it increase regen speed.

So, are you talking about the description in the game?

В 01.02.2019 в 15:04, Peony сказал:

Mystery of life buff - increases health regeneration rate of the character by 10%

В 01.02.2019 в 15:04, Peony сказал:

Mystery of the spirit buff - increases energy regeneration rate of the character by 10%


Edited by Reivenorik
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Can you guys make the hairstyles at least tradable, kinda frustrating to be doing this a week and gotten none.

It's also winding down so no one cares to complete the quests anymore so it just fails.

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