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I remember reading somewhere Reivenorik saying that we are still going to get new rewards for arena soon.

Is that true?:ah:


If it is,i would suggest it to be a belt .


Hopefully not weapons, considering it would be unlikely that those weapons would be balanced for all classes, with boosted stats it would probably benefit dmg classes a lot.


AiGrind should also add cosmetics to buy with that currency (weapon skins and costumes), that would give players a reason to keep participating, even if only getting  low positions to increase currency .


it would be enough to have more people actually participating, decreasing the need to form "lose teams" .


Which is the biggest problem in Warspear Pvp , the fact that, you either form lose teams or you wont be able to compete, because your oponents certainly will.



And those that had to farm that way know that , it is incredibly boring and unfun 

"Go in, kill enemies that are standing still,go out" rince and repeat.:sleep:


Not only it isnt fun, but you actually learn nothing from that, and do not grow as a pvp player


Ps: the potion that increases 60% healing should be nerfed.



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