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Achievements Change

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Some of the achievements seem to have a rather unfair value, considering the difficulty it takes to actually achieve them.:tired2:


Crafts should be Mythic, it is atm at lvl 20 cap, which is really a lot of work to reach , and its probably the achievement that takes the most work in the game atm.


100 wars should also be mythic, or atleast heroic, it takes a huge amount of time to get that.


The achiements to get all tier of materials by dismantling itens should be Heroic, considering the difficulty to get those.


Reaching 5k rep should be heroic.

T2 for example,  takes a month of daily doing quests to reach 5k.


With the update that is coming, aigrind should not only give us new achievements, but revamp old ones aswell.

Achievements are a really fun mechanic of the game, and should receive more love :wind:


Ps: please be a cool outfit with 500:kawaii:






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