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[2019.01.21] Winter General and Dungeons' Raiders events of the week and the Third holiday Weekly ratings Tournament!

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There are still more gifts in honor of The World Creation Day! New surprises are waiting for you this week, so hurry up to the Snow Boundary for the well-deserved awards.


The Grinch was hiding in his shelter and thinking up another dirty trick, when suddenly a freezing wind, so strong that for a moment it became impossible to see anything in the cave, bursts into the rebel’s headquarters. When the snowstorm calmed down a bit, the green giant saw the intruder: the Winter General waited a whole year to return to the Snow Boundary and complete plans of his commander Mortis. And now the accomplice of The Frost Paladin personally came to the main villain of the World Creation holiday to ask for his support. However, the Grinch is not that easy to immediately trust a new acquaintance. Even more so an unexpected ally was too strong and could interfere with his own insidious plans. So it was decided to send the Winter General to the dungeons to Hrumpel, where he just couldn't get in the way of Grinch’s deeds.


But the brave warriors of Arinar are not afraid to meet the Winter General, right? Then the Dungeons on the Snow Boundary are waiting for you!

  • iconic Winter General costume was added to all holiday Dungeons only for the upcoming week (drop chance increases with the dungeon level)
  • rare Enhanced Attack Speed book was added to “Playroom of Fierce Hrumpel”, “Playroom of Wild Hrumpel”, “Playroom of Enraged Hrumpel” holiday Dungeons - also only for the upcoming week (drop chance increases with the dungeon level)
  • 2 rewards for the completion of any holiday Dungeon
  • x2 Guild Points in all holiday Dungeons

Event begins: 21.01.2019 12:00 CET

Event ends: 28.01.2019 11:00 CET


Furthermore, there will be the third holiday Weekly ratings Tournament with 20 prize-winning places in the categories "Festive dungeons completed" and "Good Luck Tokens" with incredible awards:

1st place: Winter General costume and 100 Magic Christmas Caches

2nd place: 75 Magic Christmas Caches

3rd place: 50 Magic Christmas Caches

4-10 places: 20 Magic Christmas Caches

11-20 places: 10 Magic Christmas Caches


Event begins: 20.01.2019 23:00 CET

Event ends: 27.01.2019 23:00 CET

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So double drop double gp. But not last week right? Need to know for craft hehe. Btw would be good if can craft one week after evetn. to complete sets. Otherwise last few days ppl can't know if they drop smth will someone buy since they can't complete sets? should they craft now? It would be a pretty mess, with items worth 1/10 to 10 times previous price 😄

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