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Miracle Shop Suggestions for v4.0

Gods Revivaling

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Here are some suggestions on costumes and other items in Miracle Shop that would be useful to make, so please read if they would be good ideas.


*Make a kitty outfit that is the color white.


*Make an item that gives you double gold on one quest each.


*Make an item that allows you to make one more skill study when you level up.


*Make crystals/runes for Priests and Mages that gives you +100 astral to your armor, weapons, rings, and/or amulets.


*Make costumes that represent bosses from Forsaken and Chosen. For one example, like the Spider Queen in Chosen, make a dress costume for that kind of boss.



If these are good suggestions to the Miracle Shop, please reply saying what should be made that isn't made in Miracle Shop yet. So thank you for reading :)

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The only reasonable idea is white kitty. Double gold on quest is waste of mcoin for just 100 gold. Spider queen costume doesn't look much different than other costumes. 100 astral?! Are you drunk? Skill study.... What about people who are lvl 20 already? And you would have all skills maxed plus extra points. They removed the old system of getting a point each level up.

Good costumes: Reaper, Shadow, ghost, fatty, zombie, spider man lol.

The skill study: increase the damn max lvl. To 40 too. 18 > 20 in a whole year wtf. All my quest xp reward is being wasted.

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I like the idea of adding trade slot bags  :blush: .



From another thread:

1. Gem of endowment : can make a personal item back to equipping. Cost 50 mcoins


2. Perfect crystal and rune: better stats for level 18 items cost 150 to 500 mcoins


3. Stone of gem removal : can remove crystal and rune from weapons cost 15coins


4. Elixer of experience : gives 50 experience cost 50 coins


5. vip ticket : monthly bonus cost 1000 m coins


players get

daily 50 arena ticket

2x experience from quest

2x coins from quest

2x success at amp


6. New pet system: gives players more hp and mp regen and boost max hp and mp cost 2k mcoins


7. Mount system : gives players additional defence and faster movement. Cost 5k mcoins


and for gods sake make a new server.




I like the sounds of No 1. + 2. +4. + 6.

Number seven i dont agree with.. maybe add player movement speed instead, or maybe not even that.

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As an extended idea to "trade slot bags" ( slot extension for trade )..



A place to store your precious items. Located at respawn statues and nadir market.

Brought from Mcoin shop ( of course ).

Slot bags used to extend chest size.

Items in chest and the chest itself can be used and shared by all characters from the same account.


I love the sound of these two idea's and would willingly spend coin on them.  :good: ;D

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