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Report hack(or bug)

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Hello everyone, my nick is Facundes would like to report something that happened yesterday while I played, a player whose nickname is Racuminx received five items ... these items followed a pattern being always the same, I believe that despite the luck of each one is impossible such thing to happen. I play on the EU-emerald server, but I'm BR so the screenshot that I'll post will be in Portuguese, I'll be posting this in the BR forum as well.



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Wrong nick
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ну ничего себе они дают, кто-то либо не умеет пользоватся золотой "дырой" если это она конечно, либо ему просто повезло с сундуками за событие (вроде с какого-то события тоже доспехи падают).


Well, wow, they give, someone either does not know how to use a golden "hole" if it is she of course, or he was just lucky with the chests for the event (it seems that armor is also falling from some event).


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2 hours ago, Raislin said:

Dont guild event chests drop items or whatever. Might have been opening those. Well getting many of the same item is unlikely but not like it cant happen.

Well, he ignored everyone who asked what happened ... that's a strange behavior for those who are innocent.

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