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A problem of version 3.0 that was not resolved!


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I would like to report that the upgrade from version 3.0.3 came to the phone, but the same problem continues to occur: the fact of playing the game and suddenly stop and turn itself off. And it ends up bothering the ground several times and we are important battles or fleeing enemies. We damage our equipment and dying "for nothing."

If that little problem was solved'd be very grateful (those who play on the phone) and we could play without worries.


thanks for listening!

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in elf caravan sometimes game crash when log in... (on pc but i think mobile too)

also on Old crossing map an weird bug ... zzzz :D for ppl who cross by boat, they don't see anyone on area after pass by boat in any direction, but if they stay in area

can see players that come after that.... :) is nice bug to hunt mcs or elfs there :P  if u stay in that area u will be invisible

for all ppl that come

and u can kill them easy

since they cant see u

and target u....

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cant download to laptop, I have windows xp. Every other version before worked, this one I can play on phone.

But I cant download windows pc version. I get error message every time.




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on my vivaz pro, my phone suddenly went blank and restart it self after i play for about 10-20 minutes. it happens several times, and makes me kinda scared to play with my phone again :cray:


please fix this devs,



thank you :)

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[glow=blue,2,300]warspear crashes on my galaxy it crashes everyday and i always report and it never fixes.the crash started 2 months ago and i downloaded this game 4 months ago and it crashes fix it snorlax[/glow]

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