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[2019.01.14] Phoenix and Firebird event of the week and the Second holiday Weekly ratings Tournament!

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There are more weekly events with amazing gifts ahead, so quickly go to the Snow Boundary, where incredible adventures and rewards are waiting for you!


The fire is the biggest threat to the Snow Boundary. Infinitely hot and engulfing everything in its path, it can destroy the winter island in mere seconds. And even though heroes of Arinar stopped the invasion of the fiery villain Vulcan once, several of his dangerous henchmen had time to escape and hide. It was then that everyone had a dream of catching the Phoenix and the Firebird, the brightest and the most fiery assistants of the villain, who appeared in the cities, and then disappeared so skillfully that sometimes they seemed like a mirage. They now hide in the Dungeons awaiting the brave warriors, who hope to catch them by the tail.


Ready to face the fire? Then go!

  • iconic Phoenix and Firebird costumes were added to all holiday Dungeons - only for the upcoming week
  • rare Enhanced Penetration book was added to “Playroom of Fierce Hrumpel”, “Playroom of Wild Hrumpel”, “Playroom of Enraged Hrumpel” holiday Dungeons - also only for the upcoming week

Event begins: 14.01.2019 12:00 CET

Event ends: 21.01.2019 11:00 CET


Furthermore, there will be the second holiday Weekly ratings Tournament with 20 prize-winning places in the categories "Festive dungeons completed" and "Good Luck Tokens" with incredible awards:

1st place: Phoenix and Firebird costumes and 100 Magic Christmas Caches

2nd place: 75 Magic Christmas Caches

3rd place: 50 Magic Christmas Caches

4-10 places: 20 Magic Christmas Caches

11-20 places: 10 Magic Christmas Caches


Event begins: 13.01.2019 23:00 CET

Event ends: 20.01.2019 23:00 CET


Wish you great drop!


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42 minutes ago, Reivenorik said:

Hey guys, anyone here? :huh:


The problem is that, when these posts are created previously and moved from a place to another, we can't neither see any email pop-up in our Email Account (for those who follow the News and Announcement's section like me)  nor anything in the "New Topics" section. 



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1 час назад, Higgings сказал:

The problem is that...


There is no other way to do it yet.
Probably, I should unsubscribe in such topics so that they appear at least in new messages.

3 минуты назад, lallouss сказал:
  Скрыть контент

took me abit time to make it but was worth it :happy:




Hahaha, you made me laugh again))

You have an endless supply of ideas in your head!)

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