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Craft rings are not accurate with dmg

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Craft gear only multiplies base damage 


This hunter has 101 damage



Craft cloak gives 4% more damage which in this case is 4 damage


Amulet gives another 4% so it also gives 4 damage


Rings give 3% each so they add 3 damage each


So damage is 101+4+4+3+3=115Screenshot_20181231-130651.png


And this rogue has 901 damage before accesories and ring's 3% equals 27damage so 2 of them is 54 damage, cloak's and cape's 4% equals 36 damage each so they give 72 damage so in total accesories give 126 damage




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Just want to point out that you are getting this information from a site managed and made by players in the warspear community using their own calculations, which aren`t approved by Aigrind/Warspear Online. To get the right calculations you have to ask Aigrind/Warspear online and they don`t post that stuff very often.

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