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Crossbows vs bows

which do u prefer  

294 members have voted

  1. 1. which do u prefer

    • crossbow
    • bow
    • both

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Have u done a Ph.D in warspear ,man?  :lol:  just epic



Crossbow > Bow.

point #1


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I vote Crossbow because it has more damage than bow.


Many player said, bow has a more attackspeed than crossbow, but for me there is no different speed between bow and crossbow.


You look now, more than 80% ranger choose crossbow than bow

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i think if u are 5/5 scatter 5/5 blessing with 3/5 trap and 4/4 cage bow better, bcs u can hold the ennemy quite long to use ur speed quite well.


If not i think xbow really better, especially when u got several dmg expert skills, and 5/5 blessing, bcs then u do more dmg with skills and also more dmg with the blessing's shots so u can rape ur ennemy fast just by spamming skills.


bow is hard bcs need to have stun build, but notice that with dmg accessory u notice less the dmg difference between both weapons so bow can be excellent.


Personnaly i prefer arbalest bcs with 5/5 blessing and powerful shot it's si fun to double shot smbdy by doing Powerful shot+blessing additionnal shot+normal shot+blessing additionnal shot with a few crit XD (do not have expert skills atm, but add fire shot and hail of arrows XD). Especially in arena when u can focus shots with ur mate.

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