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Warspear PVP Championship

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Give us a cross server Annual PvP Event


It would not affect the main game, would work like the test server, all applicants download it and login, and participate in a 2x2 competition, with their characters but on a different server, made just for that competition, online for a limited time frame.


There should be the exact amount of teams for each server, to participate on the Group Stage of the competition.


There should be some requirements to apply to make sure all active pvp players would have a chance to participate,  maybe having atleast gotten 3rd place or higher in two or more arena tournaments?


PVP World Championship, divided by brackets

Bracket A  6-10

Bracket B  14-16

Bracket C  18-20

Bracket D  22-24

Bracket E  26-28


Just like a world cup , group stages and then the last phase with 32 teams.


At the group stage the games would be best of 3s

And at the last phase , best of 5s.

To make it a more reliable comparison between the teams , not leaving too much space for that "lucky" crit or relic, relying more on player skill and the team's strategy and synergy.


And the winners of each bracket would get a prize on the main servers.

Maybe a costume, and/or a legendary achievement.


Thats something that would certainly give pvp players a lot of enjoyment, and would not be that much of a hassle for aigrind to organize.





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