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Inequality of classes

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We all know that at the time of fighting and class inequality and that I say because I have several characters, an example would be the tanks: The warden e seen that they enter maps where they are abandoned and mountain and they fall 20 and do not die, and supposedly there was a neferteo, also because almost all elf-side classes have stun zone or sand that paralyze several, e seen in the tanks a warden 9k hp and the brb 7k hp as is possible if supposedly in brb has 4 % more than hp, and the warden only has dmg so you should not drive the same hp even though it's tanke

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Wardens can't enter forsaken's/mountain clans' native islands. I have bad news too: it's impossible to make everyone happy and consequently, ''unbalance'' is a word I read since forever here, no matter how many changes are done. The good news is: our developers try to do what is best based on their studies, perhaps we should just trust them? After all, they're the only ones with access to game formulas, thus our best shot. 


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I'm not against complaining and suggesting for fixes. But at least you gotta know what you're talking about. How did you come up with the claim that Warden gets more HP than Barb? You are not comparing two players that have the same gear, otherwise obviously barb will get more HP because of the 4% extra HP.

And as for the other points you've made, I haven't understood anything.

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