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What to do on lvl 28?

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Hey, so I just hit level 28 just today. I made all yellow quests in the ayvo, except donguens. And I would like to ask you, what now?? Im quite confused by daily quests in T3 and T4, cause those 80k mobs are soooo strong. So, what can I do as a lvl 28? Thank you for any recommendation.

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At lv28 or even earlier, a lot of people join guilds which participate in the tournament:advise: With your guildmates you can spam dungeons to earn guild points and drops, do quests to get guild points or farm bosses. You could also try to get arena rewards or help low levels to level up.

Just a few suggestions:nah-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


I don't know whether you play using mcoins but a lot of people focus on getting decent gear and working out which stats and skill builts they are most comfortable with.

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