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Build Suggestion , need your opinion

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Hi , i am making new build for my paladin , it will be for lvl 26 2h magic hammer with lifesteal not intended for pvp . so i made 10+ different combinations , and the thing is i dont know how much is enough , how much is at least needed and so on(i dont think any of these are too much) . so the biggest differences between the builds are:

hp 4300-4800-5100-5400

cd 20%-22%-24%-26%

lifesteal 26%-28%-30%



my main purpose is to sustain as much as possible , so i can solo the things i want to. 

I dont have  all the items so i cant test it my self , so maybe someone who has experience can maybe help me out.

Considering i cant choose the best values of every category , what is more important and what not .

1 is 26 cd much better than 20, because  considering you need plenty seconds to cast all skills(lets say you dont get interrupted at all and just spam), by that time many will go on cd so you dont make use of better cd , but when speaking for high cd skills like banner , is it much more beneficial having banner at 30 sec instead of 40 ? and so on for other high cd skills 

2 about lifesteal, is the difference big between 26 and 30 on 600 magic ? 

3 is 4.3k hp too low for anything ? and maybe 5100 acceptable ? 



your opinion will help very much 

here are few of the builds just for refference:




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in the body it is better to put mana as Pala skills energy cost and 5.7% of the rage it will have little effect

в тело лучше поставить ману , так как у пала навыки энергозатратные и 5,7% ярости мало что дадут  


about 2 build, if you want to drag everyone to solo, it is better to increase the survival, take the head and hands with Technopolis (they are inexpensive)

по поводу 2 сборки, если ты хочешь тащить все в соло, то лучше повысь выживаемость, возьми лучше голову и руки с технополиса (они не дорогие)

more parrying and HP

больше парирования  и ХП:hi:

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I'd definitely go for the higher HP build, especially that if you're gonna level up tank skills like Sacred Shield and/or Harad's Prayer, those skills need high HP to maximize their efficiency.

However I'd still go for a different amulet in either build, best thing you can get is a magic HP amulet, if not, then with penetration.


So I'd say the better version of those 2 builds is something in the middle of the two:

- Better amulet

- better HP, still almost same cd as the second build

- a little bit lower life steal than the second one

- lower accuracy but that's ok because the main damage skill for magic Paladin is Illumination and it doesn't miss

- higher penetration > higher damage > more health to steal

- parry enchant on the weapon, retribution is pretty useless, especially when it's low like 6%



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