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Aggression and Pvp

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It's absolutely useless at pvp. 


I have an Idea to improve it. Make a side effect that applies to players only. 


If a team of (Pala and Priest) vs (Ranger and Seeker) uses aggression vs the ranger the ranger won't be able to use any dmg skill on the priest. But he can use stun skills and other self-buff skills (and allies buff and heal for other classes )


-- This would allow tanks to have a more effective role in pvp fights.


- How long should it last?  The effect shouldn't pass 5-7 sec at max at 5/5 so I think that 0.5 sec per lvl seems decent. 


- Aggression skills can be amplified with Great/Small relic of continuous effect would that affect the duration of the effect? No. It shouldn't increase the effect duration, But the castle relic that increases stun duration can work on it. (that would make aggression are the first skills that can use 2 castle relic)


- In case of a class like sham or mage who have area dmg: The dmg doesn't apply to the pt of which that tank is in but can hit other enemies if they aren't with the tank in the pt.


- Some skills are a combination of stun and dmg: the stun is applied but the dmg is ignored or channeled to the tank.


- Area aggression...: no the already have 2 effects.


looking forward feedbacks.



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