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These relics can be sold through the market. Follow the instructions Buudbd said. Mind though that these relics require the Guild to have a lv4 castle minimum



In YinYang's case, you'll have to contact its leader and make an agreement with him about those items. 

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6 hours ago, Paritus said:

But this relics are personal if Im not wrong, So only leader or heirs can make them and use and there is one more thing castle market can sell them So why guilds cant sell them in it? Devs change mind with that relics because guilds can get much Gold? 

Friend, keep in mind something, these relics cost gold and resources to create them, so it is very rare for you to see a relic for sale in the castle shop. (Nobody will create a relic so nobody can buy it)


The first thing you should do: communicate with a leader or heir of the guild that has won a castle!

Second: He will create the relic, but these relics last several days to finish creating!


Another thing is not necessary to be a leader or heir to create these relics!

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14 hours ago, Buudbd said:

Well I want to add something to your comment! It is very annoying, starting from scratch to improve the store that creates the relics, the progress of the relics shop improvement should be saved for when they win the castle again!

no no i dont think its a good idea


what i think is, need to lower the gold/gp cost and time to make them, i mean like it burns around 8mgp and 8million gold to max out a castle and 1month maybe thats alot of time


if less time/cost is done than it will make it fair for anyone to attack others and keep repeating the cycle that way fair for anyone whos gona attack and defend

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I thought he asked to speed up the production proccess by saving the progress of the relics shop and this makes all sense to me if you're in a situation which your castle might be taken withing weeks. The guild wants to get the maximum benefit during the time it owes the castle and having to start over all the progress doesn't seem right to me. As you already have to wait for the time to gather resources to produce them, I suppose. 


Now lowering gold, gp and time in its proccess is another story. I can't tell whether I even agree with the suggestion myself because I'm not in neither a castle owner nor a developer. I don't know if devs planned castles to be something that is taken by a new owner every now and then or what plans they have for the future regarding them. I have no base of knowledge to make such request. But you can always right your point of view here and with enough base for support, I'm sure they will pay attention to it. 


:love-you-crazy-rabbit-emoticon: I sincerely with best of luck with that, I have seen many suggestions here being added to the game. 

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