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What lvl/skills have this 400 heal paladin?


if they need grace5 and heal5 (and astral gear) to reach 400-500 I think they pay their price for that heal.


if you can reach this heal with grace 1 and withour astral gear then we can talk op,ok?

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Their heal gear gives up stat bonuses like parry/block/acc/dodge in place so they can have astral. Maybe its well worth it. But the higher their heal, the lower their other stats

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Totally agree mecha. Aslong as they haft to give up other things high pala heal is fine with me.


stun the pala in arena and kill his partner first, then him and the heal is useless.


1on1 - you need dps to just out damage his heal. 2h weps or dual wield, 1h/shield probably never kill a heal pala. They cant be worse then 250 heal dot-ing druids.


Can imagine pala being very hard for barbs that cant stun in close combat after charge is used.


can be tricky for rouge to if pala heal everytime rouge breaks gouge and then shackle. Rouge has no way to wear them down like they can with other melee classes.

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Do you use grace?

over 400 but was that your crit heal? Or is your base heal 400+?

whats paladins heal cooldown, 7sec?


Its crit heal ;)

i wish thay make rings and neackles for paladins  :give_rose:

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