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Holy Shield

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So as mentioned in other threads, the shield skill for priests is quite useless in the end game, so I was thinking of a way to make it more useful.


My suggestion is to add a 1-yard damage aura to the shield, this might seam op but it doesn't have to deal high damage, just enough to get by. 

level 1 30 damage + % of characters damage

level 2 50 damage + % of characters damage

level 3 75 damage + % of characters damage

level 4 105 damage + % of characters damage

level 5 140 damage + % of characters damage


Another suggestion would be to add damage resistance, for example, the shield only receives a percentage of damage dealt and negates the rest.

level 1 receive 95% of the damage 

level 2 receive 92% of the damage  

level 3 receive 88% of the damage  

level 4 receive 83% of the damage  

level 5 receive 76% of the damage  


Also to balance it out increase the skill cooldown by 20%.


I'd love to hear what you guys think, or if you have any other suggestions for this skill.

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