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[2018.10.19] Update Warspear Online 7.8: Necropolis of giants. Preview

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15 minutes ago, JullieAvino said:

When is the update please please please 


Next week. The exact date is not yet sure 😞


26 minutes ago, shreenathkumawat said:

New lvl 28 wapns???????


For such infos, please wait for the release post! 😉

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5 hours ago, Mrkhalifa said:

Will the daily missions of the event be placed according to the levels of the characters, or will each level have different missions?
What level is it possible to participate in the dungeons and events?

These details will be announced in the release post, next week. You may read the last Halloween's annoucement and to get an idea on what to expect )


1 hour ago, lxramboxl said:

hello me rambo new in forum 😄

Welcome! You came just in time for the our halloween party!

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6 hours ago, lxramboxl said:

hello me rambo new in forum :D

Welcome, I know you!:huh:

4 hours ago, Aкasha said:

Estos detalles serán anunciados en la publicación de lanzamiento, la próxima semana. Puede leer el último anuncio de Halloween y tener una idea de qué esperar)


¡Bienvenido! ¡Llegaste justo a tiempo para nuestra fiesta de Halloween!

akasha :love2:

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35 minutes ago, aks said:

That won't come it will make classes broke


Uhm how could it break classes? :unknw: i think it might add like +5% Life Steal... Deathknights can reach 50+% nowadays (with some buffs, obviously) 


P.S: No idea about the Max ls a player can reach (cap number) :no-no-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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20 hours ago, Jcbreff said:
21 hours ago, Carpetlick said:

This Sam Hain guy seems like a dumbass, always getting fooled by a Jester, some owl, and now a severed head

Maybe next year we find out that Sam Hain isnt really Sam but some imposter

Sam is someone from somewhere who doesn't know by somebody. erggggggg :khekhe:this is something without sense

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