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[2018.10.19] Update Warspear Online 7.8: Necropolis of giants. Preview


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Warriors of Arinar!


Autumn was incredibly quiet and calm this year. But the end of October is already close, which means that absolutely crazy days are coming! The time of the annual Horror Circus will come very soon, and the most frightening night of the year will begin. Are you ready to meet hideous monsters and dreaded villains? Then our festive island is waiting for you!


This year, to celebrate the Median Night, we’re going to go visit giants, to where Sam Hain with his Horror Circus and everyone were invited. Final preparations are made in the cursed lands and exciting rides, scary dungeons, dynamic events, holiday quests and achievements, evil bosses and incredible treasure are already waiting for enthusiasts of creepy stories and crazy fun!


Come closer to the bonfire, traveler, don't be shy! Did not recognize me? It’s me, Barker! You arrived just in time to hear the tale about giants’ mountain! How come you didn't know about it? Even small children know that the giants live in the castle at the top of the highest mountain of Arinar - or rather lived many years ago. Days and nights giants, by the order of their mad king Hrungnir, were mining a poisonous metal in the bowels of the mountain, until they awakened the horror that was asleep in the depths.


And then Nuadu with Harad turned the giants into stone, and Hrungnir – boom! – was beheaded. But his head was so heavy that neither Harad nor Nuadu could move it. It was left lying in the throne room, and bloodless lips of Hrungnir still continue to whisper the curses in the dark. This whisper drives mad anyone who dares to disturb the peace of the giants.


Can you feel the madness in the air? Because this year we staged the Horror Circus right on the damned mountain! Ha-ha-ha!


Wait, traveler, where are you going? The terrible tale has just begun...


Holiday quests

1.png 37.jpg SCERW.png


What drives crazy the great ruler of the giants Hrungnir? Is it possible to dispel the curse that dominates the entire mountain of giants? To get answers to these questions, players will have to fight the ancient evil from the mountain depths! Exciting quests will help not only to have fun, but also to get rich!


In addition, there will be daily tasks for everyone’s taste on the festive island: battles with monsters, fights with players, fruits of magic trees collection, saving friends and enemies from trouble, and you can also get giants drunk!


New Dungeons

24.jpg 38.jpg 2.png


The main treasures of the holiday are hidden in the dark mines. Six complex and intricate Dungeons are awaiting for adventurers. Are the brave warriors of Arinar ready to face new dangers?


When the giants were mining vilum, which eventually drove them crazy, they found something terrible in the depths of the mountain. It was Nedhett - creation of the ancient world. Thousands of years magic seal didn't let him get to the surface, but Hrungnir got it when he took the Izergold. Liquid vilum and solid granite replaced blood and flesh of Nedhett. I've heard tales about the sacrifices that the giants made hoping to appease Nedhett. All to no avail: the ancient monster banished the giants from the tunnels. It's still there, but it's about to get to the surface looking for food - and then we're all dead!


To successfully complete the dungeon you need to mine 7 units of vilum's ore and kill the boss Nedhett. You can find ore at every location with the exception of the final one.


Each dungeon has two branches, and players can complete it using 2 different approaches: split up into two groups and go to different rooms or pass all rooms one-by-one with full group.


In each room you should fulfill a certain condition to open the passage to the next room.


Just be careful in the depths of the mountain, because it's so easy to become the main dish at the festive dinner of Nedhett, ha-ha! But crazy rewards are waiting for the most reckless warriors who would be able to go through all the dangerous traps!


World dynamic event “The last of its kind”

46.jpg 47.jpg 41.jpg


The main event of the Horror Circus has 6 stages, which will help players reveal the mystery of Hrungnir’s madness and dispel the veil of horror around the mountain of giants! Be careful, because on this way to answers it’s very important to not go crazy yourself.


The first stage “Fragile power”

Vilum, a mysterious metal, is rooted deep in the depths of the mountain of giants. Now its tenacious roots are breaking through the ground here and there, poisoning the surroundings with madness. Find all the roots of vilum and exterminate them!


The second stage “Poisoned seedlings”

Madness, caused by vilum, is spreading like a plague around the Horror Circus with the pollen of flowers that grew from the poisoned soil. Banish this flowers from the land, which fills their buds with poison!


The third stage “Appearance of horror”

The madness generated by vilum materializes in the form of a Clot of Horror. It oozes fear that covers all life around - the Clot is still too weak itself and therefore needs slaves for help. Fight with the madmen and break through the Clot of Horror’s defense!

The fourth stage “The power of the depths”

The vilum kobolds emerge from the depths to give their vital energy to Viltrim, mighty golem, created to fight with warriors of Arinar. Stop the kobolds so they won’t be able to fill Viltrim with power!


The fifth stage “Anger of the colossus”

Mighty Viltrim is back to life and ready for battle! The only way to go further is to send the stone colossus into oblivion!


The sixth stage “Citadel of insanity”

Izergold is a cursed sword, which once conquered the mind of Hrungnir. With its own evil will, Izergold strengthens the madness in the walls of the stronghold to maintain dominion over the Lord of the giants. Destroy the cursed sword to dispel the veil of horror around the mountain of giants!


Guild PvE events

Two new Guild events are waiting for you. During them you will fight the main raid-boss Hrungnir and his faithful Guards.


“The Vilum Guards”

The slopes of the mountain of giants are filled with the terrible monsters, but the true madness lives in its depths. Four giants-overseers continue to spread the will of the Hrungnir  underground! Kill all of them, so that reinforcements will stop coming to the surface!

Condition of activation: kill 10 characters of another Alliance, whose level is not lower than the level of your character or group.

Restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.


“The curse of Hrungnir”

Having overcome all obstacles, you are one step away from the gloomy citadel of Hrungnir. His dead head continues to whisper wickedly curses. It will be hard to defeat the mad Lord of the giants: his head is motionless, but the henchmen of Hrungnir will fight for their king to death!

Condition of activation: complete 20 times any dungeon in the Horror Circus.

Restart time: 8 hours after the event ends.



14.jpg 11.jpg 09.jpg 


Rides are an integral part of the holiday. Here you can always have fun and earn some Good luck tokens. Prepare the cherished tickets, if you managed to save them up. And if not, the new invitations to the rides of the Horror Circus are waiting for you in the Cranial boxes that drop from monsters, bosses and dungeons. Besides that, the tickets are hidden in the chests for the completed events. And don't forget to exchange tokens for great prizes!


New rides will be launched for you in the castle of giant. You will need to fight crowds of monsters using tricky devices, or even run away from them. This entertainment is available to all without exception, so come in!


Ride “Spider’s pit” (single, for all levels)

Crazy Hrungnir loved to throw his enemies into the pit with spiders, and then watch carnivorous creatures tearing them apart. The torn bodies of the dead have decayed long ago, but their souls are still trapped inside the clots of pain at the bottom of the pit. Free the souls of all prisoners, but do not fall prey of spiders yourself!


Ride “Explosive force” (single and group, for all levels)

Gluttonous subsoilers filled abandoned tunnels of giants: you can smoke them out only with the help of old bombs! Just plant the explosives and wait for the pieces of the next subsoiler to fly apart! Giants made the mine very well, so do not spare bombs! Blow as much as possible subsoilers and Fortune of miners will smile at you.


Ride “Pumpkin’s Mania” (single and group, for all levels)

Evil pumpkins-grasshoppers showed up on the mountain of giants! Slice them up as much as possible to stop giants from cannibalism! Beware the swindlers! To deal with the work faster, use magic spheres!


Ride “Bloody holiday” (group, for players 13-17/18-23/24-28 levels)

Once a year a bloody festival was held on the mountain of giants: the strongest giants fought with the creatures of the bowels for the fun of Hrungnir. Only a few managed to survive six waves of bloodthirsty monsters, and the rest were waiting for a terrible death - and oblivion. Challenge yourself! Ancient stones will help you in battle, but according to etiquette you must kill the creatures by yourself!


Holiday skills

During the event each player will get 3 special holiday skills:


icon_skill_pumpkin_bomb.png A pumpkin? A bomb!

Festive exploding pumpkin will bring a lot of pain and suffering to your enemies!


icon_skill_summon_hw1.png Ruin berserk help

Berserk is a fierce spirit of stone ruins, always ready to share the secret of bloody magic with the owner and cause trouble to enemies.


icon_skill_summon_hw2.png Stonecrab help

Stonecrab was a fossil even before the beginning of time, but it did not prevent it from learning some battle tricks and becoming a serious opponent.


Let them help you in the fight against enemies!


New bosses

The crazed ruler of the giants Hrungnir is not the only danger of holiday island. Next to him are his loyal guardsmen: Skrymir, Durnir, Grumer, Ymir.


The depths of the mountain of giants are still full of vilum, and in the days when Hrungnir has not lost his mind completely the mountain literally exuded this metal. Hrungnir ordered everyone to engage in the extraction of vilum from the mines. It was a difficult and dangerous work, that’s why there were overseers in the tunnels - the strongest and most cruel of the giants of course. Now they, following their king, also awoke from their slumber.


Huge, evil and out of their minds monsters will bring a lot of trouble to the adventurers, who will be brave enough to go through Vilium tunnels - easily confusing system of tunnels where the air reeks of insanity. But the winners will take fabulous awards with them!


Guard Skrymir

He was a ruthless slowpoke, who was heavily relying on his heavy club. With this weapon he killed a lot of miners - and crippled even more. And now it is time for the warriors of Arinar to send him to eternal rest!


Guard Durnir

This monster started as a simple miner, but managed to rise to the overseer, betraying and framing his comrades. Are adventurous travellers ready to meet him in the Vilium tunnels?


Guardian Grumier

Grumier was the chief overseer. His curved sword was ready to kill anyone for the slightest misstep: ordinary miners, supervisors and anyone who he will meet on the way!


Guardian Ymir

He was the personal bodyguard of Hrungnir. Whenever he appeared the rest of the giants and even the guards were trembling with fear. Ymir’s hands are elbow-deep in blood, but brave heroes of Arinar are ready to accept the fight with this monstrous guard!



Sam Hain couldn’t have even suspected what a trap he would fall into in the giants’ land. The great regent Hrungnir has literally lost his head because of his madness, and we should expect from him the most dangerous and crazy surprises.


Despite Hrungnir’s head is motionless in the throne room and being in morbid state, he still is a dangerous enemy. Ancient magic doesn’t spare anyone – if you won’t move than you can easily burn alive! Over the years the influence of the poisonous metal Hrungnir gained incredible abilities that allow to reduce might of the stronger enemy in battle. And when ruthless giant feel himself close to death, his attacks sucking the life out the dauntless soldiers.


So now you, our brave warriors, have to establish order in the сastle of giants and defeat the mad regent. Keep your spirits up, follow the clues and the victory will be in your hands!



Well, one more thing: at the Horror Circus you will find a special sound, prepared specifically for the holiday. So do not forget to turn on the music to fully feel the atmosphere of the Median night!


That’s all for now. Detailed information about rewards, gifts and surprises (and there will be a lot of them) will be announced on the day of update release.


We’re looking forward to seeing you there,


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1 minute ago, Romulobr said:

very good! when does test server launch?


Most probably starting from monday. Stay tuned on our news! 🙂

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I just want drop rate to be  more than hero nadir, that will make me happy and for rides i cant wait they are my favorite(i aweys think devs shouid make some permament ones like "burn the pointy or something".

Edited by coldravens
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10 minutes ago, noro5825 said:

when it will be ?



Most probably next week 😉


5 minutes ago, Parentez said:

Will have new attribute ???


Uhm... I don't think to have got the question properly :huh:

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8 minutes ago, Higgings said:

Uhm... I don't think to have got the question properly :huh:

I'm wondering if it will have new attributes for weapons, armor or accessories...

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2 minutes ago, Parentez said:

I'm wondering if it will have new attributes for weapons, armor or accessories...


Oh I see now. 


For this kind of Info, you will have to wait for the release post, I fear. :true_story1:

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3 hours ago, Peony said:

gifts and surprises (and there will be a lot of them)


3 hours ago, Peony said:

Well, one more thing: at the Horror Circus you will find a special sound, prepared specifically for the holiday.

Interesting :suspicious1:

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2 hours ago, IrishBoar said:

Whooop! Been waiting for this since like July. And when Halloween ends won't be long until Christmas, these events are what keep me interested in the game really.


This is also the moment during which many players come back and become more active! :)

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2 minutes ago, Mjtov said:

If we have in horror lv28 items

So in t5 ayvo update dgs drop lv29 items?



Only time will reveal such details! For now, though, we will have to wait for the Release post to learn about the level, statistics, and even kind of items we are able to get during this incoming event. 


We waited for long, just a one more effort! :wind:

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i just want a good drop rate dude i spam 16hrs tp myth onthe troll event and i got 0 drops(0 costumes,0 armor and 0 weapons)



and if you guys put the offer for restore old players deleted it woould be good

Edited by stroopdark1989
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13 minutes ago, Jackb said:

just something of interest to note why is the testing and preview release always done with mc side?


A case I guess, or maybe set plans:huh: . Anyway, there are previews which are tested with elven characters as well. Here for you some examples:





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