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Necromancer and priest shields

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Since level 30 coming soon(at spring) with new map and more powerful mobs, I feel that shields will be child's play for mobs and boss there.

It's time to buff their shields?

What u all think about this? 

At this time in to dgs shield last for 1 hit.

In to dgs when many mobs it won't last even sec.

 What u all think?





May be we can make some experts skill that buff shield or some what like this?

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Yes I feel paladin shields works better then than if priest and necrco.

It absorbs 40% of HP damage

So as level increase HP increase and dmg absorb increase. But that of necro and priest is fixed

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I agree, priest shield is basically useless once you hit high level. Even at 5/5 with more than 700 mdmg it barely absorbs 600-800 dmg which is 1-2 hits.


Perhaps make it absorb % of enemy dmg and the % goes down or up as time goes by. 


Or simply just buff the skill. Make it absorb 2000-2500 dmg with 5k def.



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I think necro shield is related to target hp and def but yes its generally weak 

they need to change its formula to handle overtime dmg better 

like maybe it reg % every sec and in last few secs when its about to end % drop rapidly 

so a high enough dmg would break it but it lasts a little more overtime 

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On 12/4/2018 at 2:39 PM, REAPER said:

Priest n necro shields are complicated as far i remember. The damage they can absorb is based on skill lvl, hero lvl, heros defense and damage stats. 


however it's still pretty much useless, atleast for the priest skill, i made a thread for it and ways to improve it but sadly it didn't get much attention.

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