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[2018.10.10] Welcome the new administrator - Akasha!

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Hello everyone!


Players from Latin America hold a significant share of our game’s community and among them Brazilians particularly stand out, because of their rapidly growing numbers.


So I decided that I need a sidekick to help me deal with the flow of questions and suggestions in languages with which I am not yet familiar (but I hope to learn someday), and the hero was not long in coming!


Please welcome the new member of the administration team, Community and PR manager for LATAM region - @Aкasha!


This brave soldier has long proved her worth, perfectly fulfilling her duties as a moderator, and also managed to show the excellent knowledge of the world of Warspear Online.


Let's wish her good luck in a new position!


giphy.gif giphy.gif

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36 minutes ago, Danfake said:

Aun le falta un poco mejorar su Español, pero poco a poco aprenderá, Felicidades Magnífica, ahora los Brasileros tendran una moderadora BR esperó que no los decepciones. 

Gracias :3 me voy a esforzar para traer muchos beneficios a la comunidad de América latina. 


¡No dejes de conferir el concurso de guías en el Foro Español! :christmaskiss:

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17 hours ago, Harllen Glaydson said:

Parabéns pra nós, Akasha. Digo "nós" pq é muito bom para todos daqui ter alguém do Brasil para nos representar. Especialmente você que já se mostrou dedicada 

Valeu Harllen ^.^)/  eu já estou fazendo mudanças pra ajudar nossa comunidade brasileira e estarei maia perto de vocês e claro, trazer muitos benefícios!  Confira e participe do concurso que está rolando no fórum Português! ..assim eu posso promover mais eventos no futuro )

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