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Why is warspear so laggy

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I believe this has been a long issue, and I am not sure if anyone has talked about this topic before, I can't find any. In fact, I don't even know how to name this issue. I am not a game developer or expert, but maybe there can be some solution that I don't know of that I can do from my end.


Every time you play Warspear, from login, you get pretty responsive gameplay, after a well, trying to transit to another area takes longer time. This is usually because the game character placement coordinate database is not the same as what is shown on your screen, which causes some rather annoying gameplay, especially in PVP. Maybe it is time to open this topic up for a solution because this single issue has caused a lot of rages among players. This is weird as more graphics intensive games can correctly and accurately pinpoint the player's position, better than Warspear. So comment down below, if there is a solution for my end or there is a better way that Warspear can handle this issue.


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I don't think it is lag like I mention other multiplayer games I have played are able to pinpoint my position. I have also tried playing on a realm/server nearer to my location, still, the problem persists.


If until now, you have no clue what I am talking about, here is a clear example. (Not my video)


The issue occurred at 3:24
What I can assume is that the Barb placement is different than what the Author sees.

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This has been a problem since the beginning of the game, and sad to say, it can't really be fixed.

Most people call this as "Bug position" which is basically a position desynchronization of characters between your client and the server . While bad internet connection can be one of the causes, even with a good connection you'd still be getting this problem since it is also caused by your location from the server (Which naturally gives you delay) but there are also other causes that aren't related to bandwidth, this is because of the movement system of the game. I can't really explain it briefly, but I'll try and give some examples if you were curious.


Some other causes could be if someone wanted to go from point A to point B but there are multiple paths which lead there which are surrounded by obstacles (The ones with zigzags and etc are most likely to cause it) and the player were to walk back and forth between the multiple paths which lead to point B then decide to walk on point B afterwards, in some occasions the character would be appear to be going in the upper path which leads to point B but in the server location he took the bottom path which leads to point B which is probably what happened in the video you linked, where point B is the ranger and he appeared to be walking at the bottom path (Which had the trap) but in the server location he was walking on the upper path. One way to understand this is that a character will always take the nearest path towards the square you tapped on and character movement and actions. If a character was to walk in different directions rapidly (In a circle, or even walking 5 yards left and right) and immediately walking or targeting a location/enemy without stopping beforehand then the character will most likely be "bugged" 1-5+ yards from where he appeared to be (Depending on how long or which directions he was going back and forth at), one example of this would be a fear or blind skill which makes the character move in random directions, this can also be caused by a character's movement speed (More likely if slowed) and it would be more likely if the character was moving at a direction and made an action at the opposite direction (walk, use skill or target an enemy) sometimes the character would be appear to be moving to location it was heading to before moving towards the next target, this is more likely if the character was to stop in it's current position too (Which is what causes it most of the time). A tip I could give to avoid your character in being bug positioned would be to click 1-3 yards from your character when walking to a location, instead of clicking on that location right away, basically take it step by step or stop in a location and wait a second or more, depending on how long you've been walking (this can help if you are tanking a boss and the location is bugged).

One of the most infamous causes would be due to "stagger". Stagger is when your movement is interrupted by an enemy attack and if you were to get staggered by 2 or more hits, sometimes your client will show that your character is moving when in fact, you are still stuck on the previous location due to the attacks on your character. This can get messy if you are attacked multiple times in a second.

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