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How to quest? So confusing lvl 1-28

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I'm not sure how to say this but it is really confusing to quest, at least for me, I don't really look at the stories, maybe I should. I am going to sleep right after this, so I am wondering if there is a step to step guide on 1. Where to go after a certain level 2. How to transit from a place to another(How to get quests on other islands) 3.How to complete some infamous hard quests. I really wish this guide exist or is more available to the public. But hours of searchings to no avail, so if maybe someone can guide me or post a level 1-28 guide in the forums, I and the future generation of Warspear players will be too. Obviously, the guide might just be too long, so maybe a 2-3 part thread will do the trick, (lvl1-18,18-24 24-28). Such an interesting game, but is just too slow pace for some players, what am I saying, I need some sleep. Bye hopefully a helpful reply will pop out tomorrow in the reply section ūüėĄ


What I am stuck with is how to get ayvondil quest, I was told I must finish yellow quests, chainless, norlant yellow quests, but after that maybe dg quests on map 1, but I realize norlant quest is way to time wasting, so I tried my best, then die a few times, so I go back to daily quests, after I bored myself out, I go back to norlant trying to finish the "Ravva power" quest, but idk why maybe I am unlucky, but I never get to finish the quest. So I go to the forum to see if I can get an answer, nope, after that I tried to finish the yellow quests in map 2, then after that, I reached lab quest, OMG,  LAB?!?!? I can't past the first group of mobs in the lab. After that I found some thread saying that you need to do daily to get to level 18? so I look at the thread more, 150 exp per day?!?! It will take 10 days of 7 quests to reach level 18, then I start questioning why I am playing this game, then I give up on searching for an answer, to start making this thread so the answer will come to me, hoping maybe you can leave discord number because I don't think 1 time answer will be enough for me, I don't expect any too in-detailed replies. I ask players on the server, but everyone is just too busy or don't know how they got to level 28. Am I the only 1 who is having trouble?!?!? I am just too confused, where do I go, I am level 17, how do I level up from there??????????????


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1. You dont unlock quests at certain levels, you unlock them by completing other quests, so you just do more yellow quests and unlock more of them. Eventually irselnorth,ayvondil,swamps and lab quest become blue which means they are daily and are just for xp and gold

2.if you mean from island to island, its by boat in harbor or if you ha e already visited that place tjen you can teleport there using teleportation scroll or mcoins

3. You ask for help or wait until youre strong enough to solo it


Dg quests in map 1 are optional but they do give some good rewards


Lab quests are meant to be done in a party and if youre not a tank, vhances are that you wont survive long


Grinding to 18 isnt that bad but grinding to 28 can take a while since i believe you need like 2-3k xp from 27 to 28




There is a guide on how to unlock quests in ayvondil

Also, a link for discord server where you can ask about anything https://discord.gg/R6K8UbG

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Hello there!:hi:


Jcbreff answered most of your questions but I would like to add that although Swamps' yellow/blue quests are frustrating, it's the most fun out of all islands! It takes some time to understand the mechanics but once you unterstood those and maybe are a little bit stronger than now, they become fun:shy:

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