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necromancer bug


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2 stacks trick works, you need to use Poison Spittle after to get an effect.

deathly stare is meant to weaken opponet at start only i think since it decreases maximum hp only, so if u attacked ur opponent with bigger damage than the effect of skill you won't see any result.

could be a great support on boss hunts but they resist it  :bad:

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deathly stare is not working if you already clicked a mob.. 2 stack of deadly stare is not dealing dmg too.  :facepalm:


idk but it works 100% when i use it :nea:
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yes i know. what i mean is, when u already clicked amob.. if ur pointer is already in the mob already..



Phat, u should see the icon under the mob, if there is death stare icon with number 2 your next attack should be poison dart so the mobs will take additional damage from poison 3 times.

Death stare have duration about 5 seconds maybe before its gone, make sure always keep in stack of 2 (max stack) to get the benefit.

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;D Ok I will try to answer by another side of view



Deathly stare will reduce the mobs HP by a small %.

In another topic its said can reduce the sea monster of 600 at max stack but didn't mention how much skill points on it.

But the bad is its not always successful because bosses have high resist.



My advice is keep it at level 1 and use points to nightmare for pvp if you plan to build balance necro 4-4-4-4

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