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Rogues is the most unbroken class in this game, that is OP if used right. There was a time every one cried saying "absolute reflexes is useless". I proved it was still the best skill, maxed, after the  AR nerf a few years back. I love the rogue concept. But something isn't right. After lvl 24, they become useless. The defense of rogues are a tad bit low. For all rogues raise your hand to this and agree. Can rogues have a second stun skill. Hear me (us) out. An idea came by from MC rogues from US sapphire server: Can stealth have a chanced stun affect. I mean treat it like deathknights exhaled of darkness or sharp shadow. In reality, sneak attacks can be critical, do more dmg, and *the programmer already added that affect*, but they also knock ppl into a daze if landed right. Can that concept be added to stealth. You know starting off with a 8% or 10% stun chance and as the skill level increase so does the % rate of chance, except the stun length stays the same throughout skill lvl so it wont be toooooo OP. 

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The stun skill wouldnt be OP and stealth is not OP either. Thats how you see it. The skill would be one of those skills that won't have a length change in skill progression. Only a chance rate of it being able to stun, like sharp shadow. That won't be op becuase stealth skill already have a good cool down that all rogues have to wait for. 

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2 hours ago, Winter said:

There's already stun weapons and relics if you need stun, obviously you lose stats elsewhere, can't have it all.


And stun is useless if it's only 1 

My only advice amp +9 ( if you're pvp make a dodge and arena build if pve make lifesteal critical accuracy and pent your main focus ) 


If you feel like playing a weak class then it's better to switch to the current op class if you have the funds

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12 часов назад, Gelsin сказал:

Lol ,seeker have shielf and rogue no ,and them have skill whith more dmg :v 

Lol, seeker dont have dodge, burst dmg, ranged atacks, aoe like rogue! Rogue is better in any way on pvp side...

Otherwise seeker is better in pve...

I wish i could change it!

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