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Hello, I would like to report a bug in the dark sky armor (20), The Defense Bonus is not working, The Defense Bonus only works when all 4 parts of the armor are equipped, right? So before the last team piece that was the boot, I had 3k defense, when I teamed the boot, the defense only rose to 3.1k, please solve this bug as fast as possible, I do not want the gold that I spent is thrown in the trash. Thank you.

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8 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

You only get 4 part buff once, not one for each part. Your defense only went up by 100 propably because you had boots with more defense than dark sky 

No, my boot was a lvl 23 +1, the set of dark skies is bug yes, if you are doubting, buying and equipping it and you will see that it is bug.

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