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[2018.09.12] Game servers restart. Welcome update 7.7!

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14 hours ago, Reivenorik said:



Dear players!


On Thursday, 13.09.2018, our game servers will be restarted at 09:00 CEST due to the game update.


The game will be unavailable for about 8 hours.


Please, don't plan anything significant in the game at this time.


See you!

8hrs to add skill books?

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21 minutes ago, Fortuno said:

I sure as hell hope this summon skill for druids is decent. Some say it's absolute trash, so I'm having doubts if I should get 40k for this.


Hit dummies for 450 ish with 570 magic in the first test server run at 4/4, dont know if they made changes.

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12 hours ago, Mercurry said:

How often tho

My test numbers for Summon Elemental from first test...
Druid magic was 714.


4 yd usage range, 22 mana cost, 30s cd


22 mana cost
15s duration
334 dmg on dummy

24 mana cost

412 dmg on dummy         

26 mana cost
491 dmg on dummy

28 mana cost
570 dmg on dummy


Damage of the summon increases with skill level as well as caster magic.
Hope it helps. Cheers!

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Mods can you please check this? Stun and Rage animations do not work.

Tried both on Android and Windows PC client. I tested on my mage. I can test on my other toons too.

Confirmed on my warden. The stun and rage animations do not work!

Edited by Psyborg
more test, more issues
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1 hour ago, Disfigured said:

Hi everyone, why the new expert skill for rangers has a low damage?, is useless for PvE or PvP... the explosive trap skill still have more damage than this one... 


With the Point Shooting skill.. Screenshot_2018-09-13-14-59-46.png



Check the skill description...

1/4 = 15% of ur dmg

2/4 = 25%

3/4 = 35%

4/4 = 50%

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