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Crafting Update(Potions) ,Farming craft material

Jatin Desai

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A crafting lover here , returned to the game after 4 years , but found a lack of crafting guilds , and a lack of sort of interesting crafting concept . So thought of something that might be interesting .

First of all , How about the addition of potions and poisons in the crafting system , they would have a durability and some of them can be equipped on weapons or armours for that bonus durability . The durability will keep the potions in demand , and to get that additional edge in battle , its flow would be good in the game

Now about the farming system for the crafting , the system of now has the farming element for catalyst which soon are going to turn into matter (waiting for it update though ) , but besides that there is no other farming , there is no other farming system , how about adding the crafting items , which we make , as mob drops , depending on the item , mobs can also have rare drop stuff like a fire puma  drops fire essence which can be to add a special feature in bow like burning ( although it will depend on the weapon )  but this will add a sort of unique element in the weapon , for example , kill dragons newborns  would give dragon scales , an ingredient for mid tier onward  heavy Armour or weapon  .

Another feature which might be interesting is decreasing the craft time of basic quests as the craft level goes up , as of now , its really tough to actually invest that much time in game , when a lvl 10 craft guy has to keep on waiting 20 mins to make basic gear , but it reducing with certain levels , like becoming lvl 5 , reduces old craft time by 5% , lvl 10 ,10% , having lvl 10 in 3 crafts reduce old craft time by 30% and so on so that the people having 15plus on multiple crafts would feel strong while crafting .

I absolutely love crafting and on day if the system is right in this game , want to even make my own crafting guild , but as of now its just spamming stuff to make the same stuff as everyone else , but adding the element of farming your own crafting materials or rare items like gems for those additional crafting benefits would certainly turn some attention towards crafting .

Now i dont know whether this topic has been made in the past or not , if you folks have any opinion , do share em ,

Thank you

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