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[2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview


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2 hours ago, Naopeida said:

Any updates about it?

Well, you will definitely find outa few of hours from now! Yet, don't get upset, if there are any remaining bugs there will be a small maintance to fix them later tomorrow or within next week. 😉

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Charmer class get neft a lot. However Energy Manipulation get nefted is not reasonable, the skill doesnt work in PvP, it's the energy regeneration that matters not the amount of energy the enemies have, they even don't care about energy parameter in equipments, recent released gears almost give energy regeneration in all kinds of boots, also the bonus energy regeneration from gear set.

=> Energy regeneration >> Energy amount!!!

In PvE, i see bosses don't care how much energy you drain from them, they have 300-1000 mana(their skills costs equal energy to player skills), they also have 10% energy regeneration!

On the other hand, the skill get resisted by bosses, it's like 1/5 chance of successful use, with new neft im supposed to spend 25% health for 30-100 energy(most charmers have >=4500 health(lvl28) even ranged charmers). Moreover, the 2s interruption between expert skills and a "hand-in-the-air" action.

=>small impact, quite risky and delaying!!!

p/s: i don't mention of <28 lvl players, they definitely dont buy the skill , and of other small mobs, they only have 100mana, dont take a bar of energy to kill!!!

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How about DK with low HP regen ( Full lifesteal acc ) .

I try 3/4 Reserves on Lab

My HP Only Regen 200 Hp From 1200 - 1400 


My acc is full lifesteal ( horror )

LV 24 Deff Around 7,6k


 Please Do Something To Secret Reserves . I feel like a paper now ...:all_the_things_sad1:



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On 9/7/2018 at 4:08 PM, Peony said:


Искатель_Ожесточение.png Exacerbation:

Damage caused by the skill is now accounted for in the dungeon/arena stats.

Not add the dmg when use skills In arena. Or I understand wrong? 

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6 minutes ago, skynete said:

Not add the dmg when use skills In arena. Or I understand wrong? 

It is now counted for after dungeon and arena stats where you can see damage dealt, received and such

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On 9/7/2018 at 2:08 PM, Peony said:

Death knight

ДК_Насыщение.png Saturation:

Reduced the duration of the effect, while the strength of the effect is increased. Time: from 13-18-21-25 to 8-10-12-15 seconds. Bonus "Theft of Health": from 4-7-10-14 to 10-15-20-25%. Increased the cost of using the skill from 3 to 10% of health.


ДК_Тайные резервы.png Secret Reserves:

Modified the skill’s effect. Previously, the skill increased the “Health regeneration” attribute and applied the healing effect every few seconds. Now the skill increases the numerical value of health regeneration and the rate of health regeneration by 75-100-140-180%, depending on the level of skill development. Increased the cooldown of the skill from 90 to 120 seconds.

I think, reducing time of saturation or changing reserve was the horrible think. You should give back duration of satur effect or give back old secret reserve. Because duration of new eskill isn't enough to be standed.

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