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Ingame News(Announcement)


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I suggest that contest should also be announce in the ingame news which u can see before officially enter the game not only the proper announcement ( such as events, discounts, etc.)

With this, players, who seldomly checked forum and also the new players, will know about the game's contest which is held seldom. We cant blame the game tho coz its our responsible to check the forum every time but thats why im suggesting that just add it to the news ingame :D

I said this not because i missed the contest ( I really like to participate in every contest tho even not winning atleast for fun :D but sadly i just checked forum and knew just today :(  ) but because it is great to see many players to involved in the said contest ( and they might inspired especially for new comers :D ) .





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I plan to make several changes regarding engagement strategies in a very near future and this was already on my list, not only forum contests, but also special deals exclusive for members of social medias. Be just a bit more patient. 😉

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