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    Hello! Since the project ws-db.ru was closed, we decided to create a new topic. At the moment on our site are available:



(the site may not work correctly/display in older versions of browsers, Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported)




    It was worth the effort to collect such a large amount of information about objects, if something you do not find write. But it still contains inaccuracies in the formulas, if you want to help with fixing them, you can add the missing data to the tables:



(character level limits the choice of items)








    The map now only adds bosses and instances, we do not have enough time to complete the adding interface, and accordingly add monsters themselves. Also on the map are added videos about the passage of bosses/instances, if you want to add a video - send the link in a personal message on the forum or in Telegram/Kik/VK .

Video requirements:

  • HD/FullHD (please do not stretch the video in the editor)

  • Duration up to 16 min. (speed up the boring moments of the fight)

  • Upload only on YouTube


Also on the map is the ability to create "links to locations" with a long tap/mouse press.







    Also we know that there are good people who write guides/articles /stories. We will happily add to your site your material with a link to you (forum/vk/facebook/twitter/etc...)




    This is available in almost all languages that support the game: English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish. But, the Chinese is not yet available, we do not have people familiar with this language.




    I wired the ws-db theme to notice the request to make it an application. No, no one will do this, but you can independently make the site look like an application following the instructions in the video. (Sorry we don't have english version of video, but it's simple enough to do it without translate)







    It's all. We hope that there will not be strong criticism, we tried not to make it worse.



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45 минут назад, Blossoms сказал:

I like the new database site ^^ user-friendly, and complete infos, but found some errors like for crystal dagger great enchant 😄

All physical crystals have inaccuracies. We will make new formulas when table in first post get filled.

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