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[2018.08.17] 小ontest "Legends of Arinar!" - 2018: Results

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Hey folks!

We had been going to read your stories and ... woke up unexpectedly as we were done with all of them! Therefore we鈥檙e announcing the results a bit earlier than the deadline 馃槃

We鈥檝e been amazed by your imagination once again. Your stories are interesting, funny, fascinating and even sometimes mystical! You鈥檝e really strived to tell us about your characters and thought out something absolutely incredible. It was not easy to choose the winners, but we did it.

So, on the third place the story "Memories of Irselnort" is located. Its author Saicreed gets a set of a Beginner and 15 000 Miracle Coins.

The second place is taken by the story "The Legend of Arinar". And thanks to the skills of the writer Tatelan will receive a set of a Master and 20 000 Miracle Coins.

And finally the first place is taken by Stillron with the story "The Swamps", which was chosen by the whole team almost unanimously! He will get a set of a Legend and 25 000 Miracle 小oins.

Well, now we want you to chose the audience choice award! We have created a survey with several awesome stories which did not get to the top a little. Vote for the story you like the most. Do you think that we forgot to add one more cool story? Ok, add it in the comments yourself and maybe the people will raise this story to the top! We will sum up the results on August 21 at 12:00 CEST.

Today we will send the Miracle Coins and contact the winners personally about receiving the sets.

You can read winners鈥 works and other stories by the link - https://bit.ly/2Llu2i6

UPD: [2018.08.21]聽The voting is finished! Gladiator is the winner of the audience choice award! Congratulations!

Thanks to all the participants!


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Wow. Cool. I need to read the other stories first to see if any are absolutely A-MAZING, but is it against the rules to vote for myself?聽:hehe:

Also, great work choosing the top stories. Two of those three were in my favourites list (the third one I hadn't read beforehand).

Well done to the winners and good luck for any in the voting!

P.S. That link takes me to the Russian forum?

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Typos, typos. Should have proofread馃槀
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Congratulations guys! 馃嵒聽And thanks all for joining the contest! Too bad I didn't see any supportive arts in any of the winner stories - that would've been great聽馃槃


If you wish to read聽one last story and have my聽costume concept in game, please follow the link below:聽


don't forget to leave your opinion 馃挅(perhaps, there's still time to add it to聽the next update)

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5 hours ago, Peony said:

And finally the first place is taken by Stillron with the story "The Swamps", which was chosen by the whole team almost unanimously! He will get a set of a Legend and 25 000 Miracle 小oins.

Thank you so much!聽馃檪 Congratulations to the other winners and all the other awesome writers!

By the way I'm a she聽馃槃

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1 minute ago, IrishBoar said:

So aside from the main poll:

Gladiator has 2 points

Higgings has 3 points

This is getting exciting. Somebody of you forgot to check the 'other' option on the poll though.聽:panda1:

That's just for now. There are still a lot of days left. 馃槄

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55 minutes ago, Higgings said:

That's just for now. There are still a lot of days left. 馃槄

Yes, hehe. I am keeping a running tally to try create more anticipation. Better hype:clapping:The area I am from have it as part of our culture, I think. Just a very competitive lot!聽:no-no-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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Wew... won third place thanks much guys. I really had a good feeling my story will place third and not first nor second idk why lol. I'm currently writing the continuation of my story "Memories of Irselnort". The story will take place in Ayvondil. It will tell Saicreed's tale of the foreign land and聽his tale of love about a certain woman.

Oh and by the way all our stories are winners, not only us.聽

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Thank you for voting聽Gladiator and Dual Sleeper !聽馃槄

You both are great writers! tell me if you will聽need to kill a dummy. i'll help!聽馃槑馃槄

Congrats to all the winners! my vote goes to The Awakening as I馃槄聽 mentioned in Dual's story聽thread.

but i want to also give notice to the the Water snake killer; SheElf聽聽"DIE HARD" ( we should pvp sometime..馃槈)

i love the plot twist. if i can have two votes i will vote for him too.

I hope there's more contest like this in the future. with or with out prize ill join!聽


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pressed that button too early. sorry hehehe
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Looking at audience choice awards聽suggested stories and the stories the audience actually votes for,聽has me thinking on what criteria warspear admins did chose the winning stories.聽

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3 minutes ago, Gladiator said:

Yeah I was afraid that I messed up in something and didn't meet the judges' criteria in some way,聽and that's why my story isn't on the poll, I hope that's not the case and thanks for everyone who voted for me.聽馃檪

In my honest opinion i think they saw the ammount of stories to read and picked 3 winners in聽random and another 5 for audience to chose from.聽

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I think my mistake was not including the world of Arinar, aside Moraktar, in the main story. It's sad if this is the reason, but it is also understandable: as Gladiator made me notice, the real story was hidden in that spoiler, in which I explained everything and added more details, thing that might have compromised the one I instead wrote and chose to participate. It was my own fault cause I misread the requirement of the contest itself, and almost wrote 3k words, but It was also a mean for me to write Stories, thing I honestly like: Immagination has never been a problem to me, thankfully. I am glad some people liked it, it means I reached my goal 馃檪

and I wanted to congratulate also with @Gladiator, since he will most probably be聽the winner of the audience award. Maybe next time for me 馃槈

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