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Dungeon Tree mitic Impossible

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Hello suport
I would like to ask you to test what they do before they put in the game, because the tower tree is impossible to do in a stamina as everyone does the tp, there is only one way to go if you drop the satraps where they are, because where they are the gridaur is impossible. How do you put so many towering events and do not match the ones you need? Did you have debuufs but do not you test what they do? When you can fix the problem, I'll be grateful. if it's to put it any way, better not even put it in, thanks.
P.s: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes because I'm Brazilian.
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46 minutes ago, Budkiller said:

if you have the ability to do tree mitica in 1 stamina I await video proving that I withdraw my post

Let me make it clear: everything is tested before its release and developers are aware of the mechanics. I'm sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations. Please follow the News & Anouncements if you'd like to receive any updates regarding future changes in dungeons (if there will be any). Plus, you're always welcome to post your ideas in the *Suggestions* page whenever you think you can improve the game, our developers will read and consider your thoughts. I'm going to close this topic because our support team can't help you when it comes to game development 🙂 I'd appreciate your comprehension.

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