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The Shadow Priest. Aurax EU - Emerald

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Aurax The Shadow Priest


Gather around the fire, come on close
The story I will tell you will leave you with no remorse.
The story you will hear is of Aurax the priest
No no, it is not boring it has a little twist.
It is about a man that wandered the world
Spreading around Harads sacred word.

He started off in Lanhashard but quickly moved on
He passed through Swamps and Irsnernort, places forgoten and long gone.
He took on quests and monsters, he offered his help
Accepting golden coins to settle the small debt.

He rushed to the battle against the attacking legion, sentinels mighty foe
Regrouping with other warriors under the oath "That's it, no more!"
The battles were continuous they were long and hard
The outcome was not always good but hey it was not bad.

The story goes along in Ayvondil the land of kindness and good deeds
A place as such as promising fulfilling a seekers needs.
The isle was rich of dungeons and promises were made
But somewhere here the story starts to fade.
The story end with rumours and what others might have said
I hope my fellow listeners its worth what you have paid.
"The priest was kind of weird for others he did not heal
All taking loud and wondering what was the guys deal?
They say his lust of power made him want to be a mage
Others say his faith of Harad slowly turned him a sage."

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