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Word count: 688, Character count: 2,991 (Only 9 to spare, hehe, took quite a bit of cutting to get here.) Spoilers are just in case image with Drui Sana's account of the event doesn't show well.

Hope y'all like it! :smile:

Also, the end was a little crammed, I uh, forgot about completing the initial quest. Too tired and, uh, covered in those bites. Hard to think straight.:pin1:



"Johann, my friend!" I had taken the long journey from Ilhor to Altgard, under summons from the old scribe. "What has caused a scribe to give me summons?"


"Dear Drui Sana, you elves age much too slow" he said, smiling warmly. "I am writing a book called 'The legends of Arinar', and needed an account of your heroism."


I was stunned. I had only ever been a hero once. My achievement had been great, if I do say so myself, but I had not expected to be put in a book. I patted Johann's shoulder "Of course," and we headed inside to Johann's writing bench.



Drui Sana, A Simple Healer


Our next tale is of Drui Sana. He began as a young druid on beautiful Melvendil, land of elves. He progressed quickly from youth, becoming adept in the druidic arts of healing. When the The War Of Fragments broke out, he was enlisted a healer. He was sent to Langasard to study in the ways of human magic and herbology. Then, he was sent to Irselnort, in service to Senne Vir. Later, he became a prominent healer in the battles for territory.


On occasion, he is known to have done far more than what his duties expected. If he had failed, many believe the war would have been lost.

His account:





I was on a small quest to gather three and fifty feathers of the golden griffin, which I would set upon the boughs of The Tree Of Everlasting Spring. The feathers have strong healing magic, you see, and the tree would help the druids to spread the magic through or ranks. This would invigorate our entire army. A clever plan, conceived of the grand circle of mages.


All was well. I had collected the feathers in plenty time when I heard an indignant neighing. I recognised it as a centaur immediately.

Ever curious, I headed cautiously towards the sound. What I seen would have sent even a score of paladins packing.

Three-score of the enemy was camped before me, blocking my passage to The Tree Of Everlasting Spring. Not only would I return to the Camp of Caravans unsuccessful in my quest, but with news that the enemy were fit to attack us on two fronts. I knew then I was dead.


But a plan began to form in my mind, madness truly, yet my only hope. My powers in the field of what the mages call psych were quite undeveloped, but I could still find the secrets of a regular man.

The problem was that among the three-score force, there were a handful of sorcerers. Luckily, in their haste, the fools had had no time for precautionary magics. I quickly learned what I could from a nearby warrior.


They had left the eastern camp of caravans only the night prior, under the cover of darkness, when necromantic power could conceal them best.

They had found out about my quest from a spy, and were here in order to stop me and to cause a distraction in our ranks. The only relief that I got was that this force felt they were sure to die that day. Their superiors knew so too, and had only sent disposable warriors.


I had only one choice. I needed to defeat the enemy casters, causing chaos.

I had been studying a new spell: The Song Of The Forest.

Mastered, it would send any man into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, I was no master. Yet I tried, and… succeeded? Well, no. I had wanted to put the entire army to sleep, but I had only dazed the regular warriors. This also alerted all the casters to me.

With no time to form a backup plan, I quickly acted. Summoning the forces of nature to help me, the roots grabbed at the casters, confusing them. All the insects got agitated, and began to attack (however, I forgot to tell them to leave me). In a final struggle, I called upon a flash of lightning to destroy all the casters, and succeeded.

Drained of energy and covered in bites, I crawled back to camp.


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Near complete rewrite. More action, less intro :-)
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