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Search of the Power "Primordial Gods" Danfake BR-Tourmaline

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     "Chosen" "Ravenge" "Liberty"


In Langasart (Isle of the Chosen) young Dan lived with a dream of someday entering the "Order of the Priest" wanted to learn the art of healing and supporting the great warriors in the war against the Legion, the father of Dan He said that being Priest would not bring honor and glory to him and his family, as those who win the great warriors and that God Harad gives great blessings to the brave warrior. Young Dan persuaded and influenced by his father by not wanting to be a disappointment to his father; he enlists in the army of the warriors of Langasard. When they finally finished their teachings in the Langasard army, they would head towards the great Irselnort home of many races and dangerous for the fight against the Legion, but everything changed when in an ambush of Mountain Clans warriors, Dan with no way out and having to fight was betrayed by the Priest who let him die at their hands, in his last breaths of life he begged and begged God Harad to bless him with power to grab to survive and keep fighting, but said God never went to the warrior Dan plea .
Dan begged the God Garaan and he responded, offered him the power to avenge his death, so Dan was brought Moraktar to the orders of the "Nameless". When Dan arrived in Moraktar he realized that he is now a Forsaken, Dan thought he was tired of being a puppet of the high command and the Gods and decided to fight in the war once more, not for the cause, but to free himself.
Dan accept but in exchange his name to DanFake to remember always because he fights.
He learned very quickly the arts of Necromancy, he became one of the best Necromancer, in Irselnort there was a powerful Sorcerer named Beregar with a Tower, who hid a great power of the "Infinity Urn of the Primordial Gods" wanted that power to to meet his goals, but when he arrives at the Tower he finds out that said power is not there, but a message left by the Sorcerer Beregar changed all his plan.
DanFake now only wanted his freedom from the three Gods. The sorcerer Beregar left his study of ancient magic conceived to the first race of Arinar whose power could end the wars in arinar. The now DanFake set out on the islands of Ayvondil (The Eternal Forest) in search of an answer to that ancient magic, the dark elves taught DanFake how to enhance their power, and in their search found a scroll with a writing that gives indications of said power. Before Arinar was divided into large Islands, there was a race "Twilly" very old race of those who were said to be the first race of Arinar and that there was little information of that race, who lived in the cold parades north of Arinar, but on the cusp of the war of the Gods Haran, Nuadu and Garaan. Aisha, a Semi-Goddess of the Twills, surrounded the world of the Twilly with a huge wall of ice and hid the ancient magic that the Primordial Gods had left them to help all the races of Arinar. Started the search for the Twilly and the Semi-Goddess Aisha, fighting with endless monsters, bandits, evils, to someday end this war and not continue being puppets of the Gods Haran, Nuadu and Garaan, whom they blame for the endless war in Arinar for wanting to get the power of the Spear.



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