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One shot, two shot, three shot, I wonder how long I can finish this dummy. I grab an arrow from my quill and continue shooting.


Sigh.  “Sorry Mr. Dummy, nothing to do today.” One shot, two shot, three shot.



It is so quiet today, even good old Innkeeper Helli is taking a nap.


The breeze blow gently against my face, as I talk to the dummy in front of me. Irdis sleepily watching me from behind, maybe wondering what am I doing. I don’t care.


“Do you still remember the old days Mr. Dummy? When people gather around this town. New adventurers come and go; casters, rangers and blade wielders. Every tavern in the isle of Firstborn is full of people talking, laughing, playing…”


Not minding my pathetically low damage, I aim the arrow and gently pull the bowstring. One shot, two shot, three shot.  


“You’re harder to beat than I thought!” I wipe off the sweat in my forehead. “I can easily beat you before, back when I’m still a level 24 Druid. Known in the land of the Elves and of men! Feared in Ash Coast! Leader of a once glorious guild!” chuckles

“Kidding Mr. Dummy im just a regular druid.” I get ready for another attack. One shot, two shot, three shot.


“But it’s true you know, I own a guild before. We are not OP but we are good. Good enough to help the new adventurers. Helping people quest is what we do. We went to great adventures! Killed bosses and raid dungeons! But what I miss most is running around caravan naked! Such memories!”


“We are doing great, until one day, new adventurers stop coming and slowly, little by little our guild turns quiet.”


I paused for while wishing I can turn back time. “I don’t know what happened, some of my friends perished in battle, and some just losses the will to continue.”


One shot, two shot, three shot.  I start attacking again.


“I know they will be back. While I wait for my friends, I will stay here. Where it all began. This place brings back memories. For now, let me be known as the Ranger Bsami, who lurks around Melvendil as a level 6, pink haired noob.”


I prepared for the final attack to finish off the dummy.


 “I guess it’s time now, thank you for listening Mr. Dummy. You’re a great friend. I hope next time when we meet, my friends are with me already. Until then...”


 I activated the ranger's blessing and get ready to release the powerful shot. One shot.

“Good bye Mr. Dummy.”




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