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The Goal of my life:Eggyreto, Sea-pearl

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"What is the goal of your life, Eggy? What is it that you want to become?"

These questions were persistently asked by Eggyreto's sweet big brother to her. Little Eggy had no idea what those questions meant nor she wanted to think about them. All she did was watch her Big brother, Levi. Levi wasn't a normal human, he was a warrior, a reputed warrior in Melvendil, city of peace. Levi had all the qualities of an awesome big brother, and was an inspiration to her little sister and motivation for others. Eggy did nothing all day but watch her brother hunt animals for tasty food, climb up trees like a monkey and help everyone around him,limitlessly. "Cool! You are so cool, big bro! Teach me how to do it, please, pretty please!" A 9yr old Eggy innocently requested Levi. Levi laughed, "I don't have to, you'll learn everything, Eggy. Just have your beautiful blue eyes on me,"

The forests were abundant in Melvendil, a place good for hunting, a spot for picnicking and camping. They were usually harmless and peaceful until one night, a night when Darkness had set its foot in Melvendil. Houses were magically set on fire, people crying, loss of lives, forests invaded by some unknown enemies and what not. Levi and the other warriors threw their lives at protecting their Home, swords and staves and axes and shields, every weapon were used for offense and defense, and little Eggy was all watching along with some Elder people dressed in Colorful robes. "BIG BRO, I'M SCARED! PLEASE STAY WITH ME!" a frightened Eggy called out to Levi, who was battling a one-eyed monster. "DON'T BE SCARED, EGGY. I'M RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. THESE ARE TRASHY BEINGS. WATCH ME KILL THEM, EGGY." Levi told her, cool as usual. The situation around them was grim, but Eggy cheered her brother, and her fear was all gone. But when Levi watched his friends die before him, he wasn't cool anymore. More and more monsters and evil beings showed up and Levi became more determimed and grim.


A sudden violent explosion before him hurled him into corpses of hia friends, and Eggy stared blankly at the mysterious hooded figure standing before her bleeding brother. The figure held out its staff at Levi and a beam hit Levi squarely in the chest, little Eggy watched warrior brother die in front of her.

The people in colorful robes pulled Eggy away from her brother, went into hiding. Time passed, and 6years later, warrior Eggyreto stood atop a dead three-eyed monster that she had just killed with her two shiny swords, now dripping blood.

"I'll become a warrior just like you were, big bro. I'll end every monster that lurks around in our home. I'll help people, hunt and climb trees just like you did. The goal of my life is to protect my people and eliminate darkness from this world. Big brother, thank you...thank you for saving me and the others that night. I miss you." Eggy expressed herself, smiling sadly, watching the bright blue sky.

And Eggy became a Blade Dancer, just like her brother was.

Melvendil...now a home to humans and monsters...

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