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Dark Blood in the Veins - Darkazix - Eu-Emerald

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Title : Dark Blood in the Veins.



            The blood is in the veins that flows infinitely like our lives that will continue on living until we ceased, but what if the blood isn’t flowing the way you knew will it change the life you are living?

            I am Dar Kazix(Darkazix), a blade dancer elf that lives in the land of Melvendil. The Elder of the Ilhor village raised me. I wonder how I ended up here. Did I really belong to this land? Who are my parents? Will I find the things what I have been looking for?  I swear to the Gods of Arinar that I will be stronger to uncover the things that I am missing.


Chapter 1: The Truth.


The land of Melvendil is vast but they said that there is somewhere far that are greater for what we see in this land, a land surrounding with water, a land of an never ending night and a land in the sky.


Elder: “Dar Kazix, I need to talk with you.”

Dar: “I need to train more, please later.”

Elder: “This is important.”


The elder shows a necklace with a green stone pendant. “Darkazix” is engraved at the back of the stone.


Elder: “This is with you the day we found you. I think it is time for you to go and find your true identity.”

Dar: “Father, But I belonged to the village!”


Suddenly a loud scream was heard. A group of wraiths are attacking the village.

All the warriors fought and won but unexpectedly the Village Elder was stabbed.stabbed.jpg.c288e166c5b9a6f34aac1c17dc8539dd.jpg

Dar: “Father! I’ll stop the bleeding.”

Elder: “No, I won’t make it my son. You must go to the Rilhor  Village… and talk to Hikki.”

Dar:  “Father! Father! Nooo!”


A day after the Elder’s body was burned, a signed of respect to the elves death.

Dar Kazix left the village wearing the green necklace.

The journey is indeed long, slaying monster, entering dungeons and crypts. Dar Kazix trained his body to the point that he is ready.


Dar Kazix arrived at the Rilhor village and look for Hikki. Her house was a small hut that full of holes. They said she is an alchemist, the holes was made by the explosions of making potions.


Dar Kazix shows the necklace to Hikki.


Hikki: “How did you get that?”

Dar: “I am from Ilhor village.”

Hikki: “I see. Go to the forest of dawn get me couple of black dust, and tears of the crying tree.”

Dar: “What are these for?”

Hikki: “You will know when you got all of it.”


Dar Kazix alone go to the forest of dawn a black ghost charge towards him an agile monster that attacking using it's claws, he managed to defeat it and then the black ghost turns to a black dust. The tears of the crying tree can be harvest from a big tree that looks like a face of a lady, Dar Kazix found the tree in the middle of the forest and waited till a tear dropped. He went back to Hikki to give all the things she asked.


Dar: “These are the things you asked.”

Hikki: “I’ll need time to brew it, please wait outside”


After hours of waiting the potion is completed. Hikki asked Darkazix to drink the potion he made.


Hikki: “Drink it.”


Dar Kazix drank the potion. The necklace shine brightly and he fell asleep. He dreamed about a scene where a lady elf is running with a baby, three elf with fangs and dark gray skin is pursuing her, she reached the front gates of Ilhor, using a special ink she hide the baby by turning it invisible she took the white cloth and run away from the village. In the early morning the elf scouts saw the baby in the gates of the village and called the Elder.



Dar Kazix woke up and said.

Dar Kazix: “Dark Elves, I need to meet them.”

Hikki: “You can't find them easily brave one. Go to the moon harbor and board the ship to the land of the battles of territory - Iselnort you can start from there in order to seek the answers to your questions.”

Dar: “Yes I will, and I Dar Kazix will coming for them.”






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