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“I want to be stronger, so I could move forward to the path that I choose.”

                  On the peaceful Isle of Melvendil, a red head elf girl named Primrose was born. Primrose had an energetic, stubborn and a fun-loving personality. Her master praised her for being a talented blade dancer and her mastery of sword craft. But her stubbornness, put her in a lot of trouble and made Ilhor’s Elder Elestrin worry. One day, news spread about a black unicorn rampaging at Spear Cape and no one in the isle can defeat it. Primrose asked Elder Elestrin to send her and kill it but the elder rejected the idea and told that she is not ready. She couldn’t accept the elder’s decision, so she sneakily go on her own.


                The day finally came and found the fierce black unicorn. It coldly glares to her and shaken her resolve, but her stubbornness overcomes her fear. Primrose grips her two blade and start to attack. Each of her attack hits precisely but the black unicorn is too powerful for her. Primrose starts to get exhausted and it saw through her and take the chance to conflict an attack on her. She was on the brink of exhaustion, she saw the incoming attack but couldn’t evade it. She closes her eyes and wait to feel the pain, but nothing happens. Primrose slowly open her eyes and saw the black unicorn entangled with plant roots. She looks back and found who summoned the roots, a blue green hair druid cast it using her oak forest staff. The druid stares at her with an expression of worry and exasperation. “Hey Sis Hannah, long time no see. Why are you here? Aren’t you staying at Irselnort to be the best druid?” Primrose nervously said. “Master Bran Gorth sent a request to kill the black unicorn. You are not supposed to be here!” Hannah said exasperated. Primrose laugh nervously. The black unicorn ripped the entangled roots and angrily neigh. “Stand up, Prim and give your best attack!” Hannah yelled while casting lightning bolt against the black unicorn. With a smirk, Primrose stands up and gathers all her strength to use her flash strike to attack.


                  It’s already sunset when they defeated the black unicorn. “Prim, let’s go. Elder Elestrin must be worried and I have to go back to Irselnort.” Hannah said. “Going back already? Can’t you stay a little longer?” Primrose sadly protested. “I have to go back and get stronger; a great battle is coming. I have people that I want to protect.” Hannah said softly and tenderly staring to her little sister. Primrose sadly looks away to her sister knowing that she can’t stop her. Primrose and Hannah went to Moon Harbor and said their farewells. Primrose return to Ilhor and told to Elder Elestrin what happened. She got scolded by the elder, but her mind was away, thinking ways to help her sister. She asked the elder to follow her sister. Elder Elestrin agreed knowing her stubbornness but give her quests to acquire all the blessing of all the Elders in Melvendil. Primrose completed her quests with all her might and received the blessing of the elders. With the elder’s blessing, Primrose set out on a journey to follow her sister and have an exciting adventure.


                   “This is the only way, you must go! Forgive me that I can’t go with you. You are the only one who can stop them. This is your fate, don’t let the Legion take it or else they will destroy the balance of this world.” Hannah said sternly while cupping her tear stained face and starring in her eyes tenderly.

In her heart, she wants to stay and fight with her, but she must move forward even without knowing if they will meet again. “Sis, don’t die!” Primrose teary said. “I won’t.” Hanna firmly said.


3609 characters – 645 white spaces





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1 hour ago, Primrose said:

3609 characters – 645 white spaces


Hey there! 


The story is amazing, but mind that Contest's Rule ask us not to write more than 3000 characters. Though, you are still in time to adjust your story.


Good luck! :love-you-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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The story is unique, and the element inside the game was still there, like killing the unicorn, skill of the druid, well that was nice for me.. She also add some illustration. Good effort.. But the story was sad for somehow.. 


This time I will agreed with SAICREED white spaces were not included in the count.. Goodluck.. 

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