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[2018.08.08] Game servers restart

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Dear players!


Tomorrow, 09.08.2018 at 05:00 CEST, our game servers will be restarted due to the fixing of some bugs. The game will be unavailable for about 20 minutes.


- Mini-boss Hydra's Spirit will be added on a permanent basis and will appear in the Hall of the Avenger
Rare error that caused a server crash will be fixed


Please, don't plan anything significant at this time.

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1 hour ago, wuili said:

cuando se va a acabar el evento mas desecionante en toda la historia del juego en verdad los desarrolladores perdiron la esensia y calleron en la monotonia muchas gracias por acordarnos que warspear es y sera siempre lo mismo

No hay nada que lamentar. El juego ha sido renovado y mejorado y ahora tenemos un producto final que nunca ha sido tan completo y interactivo. 13/08 el evento termina.

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15 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

I remember seeing somewhere that he works on skylore

He already left aigrind

3 hours ago, Reivenorik said:

Perhaps there are people who work on both projects, but I'm not one of them

But you can peek a bit in their work to know whats going on (atleast you can do for us):spiderpman1:

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