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Risen of the arrows -Wanted,EU-Emerald


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The weather was cold, the snowfall was over and here's a mountain filled with snow and melting for a years.

Feels the coldness on my feet here comes I am, hello Godgorrath the Isle of Mountain Clans.


The snowy land welcomed the freshman who've came down from the mountain and ready to merge on a union. At last the arinar released the hidden warrior's from different factions to be part of the epic war and here I am, a man with a crossbow on its hand whose ready to shoot. I can still remember most of the area was filled a lot of shooter's. Plenty of warriors running for a great mission unto a unforgettable adventure, moving forward I encountered lot of incredible places. Fantastic bosses and dungeons, I do declare dungeons always gives me carresole. Although finally I'm finish of my mission in the snowy land but still the journey wasn't over, it's time to departure in to another island, hello Irselnort let my feet drop in to this mighty land. Main while the Ash Coat gently showed me the way of being a great warrior. 


I've stayed on a bloody land for a years to challenge bosses,great dungeons,unique drops as well and most magnificent was the fight between allies and enemies. It used to be challenging and insane sometimes, well it makes me smile. Oh here we are again I guess it must be firm, another war had been declared. Blood like raindrops fell on every battle, fight for the win my dearest allies.


After several years I finally decided to move forward once again, farewell Irselnort see you again. My mission send me in to another fantastic place the land of Ayvondil, contains of mysterious places and what a challenging firm quest. I do declare I don't have much friends I'm so lonesome I took some comfort  there in a marvelous sky island. And this how my story end.


Shout out to my very well friends who've helped me on my way. Best thanks to you DAMAGED guild and to our handsome leader💗 hey flok thank you once again.

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