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What not to do!

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There are some tips that tell you what not to do in-game. You will know some of these, but i hope you learned some new things. 🙂 Let's begin.


1. Don't buy minions or potions to make questing easier. Ask help, many players can help. That is one easy way to waste gold what you will need. 


2. Don't buy any runes or crystals when you are low level quester. For arena characters buying them is good idea 😄


3. Don't buy decorative skins or costumes if you don't have much gold.


4. Don't buy useless things with miracle coins. You will only waste your real money. 


And now, some things that you never should do.


1. Never scam anyone.


2. Don't trade or buy accounts, you will get scammed or banned. 


I hope this helped you. 🙂



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