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I saw a review at play store. There aigrind replied on someone's comment. That reply means share with us what is your expectation to make game more good.

As currency in this game we found gold. Mcoin is just a shortcut way.

But in This game they made the production of gold very low. Where creates gold? npc and quest giver.   Ways of production gold, (1) quest gives a little gold. (2) killing mobs gives you 2-8 gold maximum which is worst side of gold production.(4) dg drops gold value in npc if a item cost 30k at market, that item cost in npc 500 gold. so there is rare chance of produce gold. def 3= 1 gold, dmg 3= 10 gold, cata and ess = 1 gold, bars =250, 500, 750, 1000 gold. (5) boss drops value similar to dg so read 4th point again. (5) from mcoin item u can't produce gold because it cost in npc 1-10 gold.


so we found quest, some drops(dg and boss), bars. only these way gold produce in game.


i think this is why mcoin value in gold going down.


devs should increase production of gold in game.

  • They should active mobs farm area. a huge number of players were disappeared after release gold drop system in game. when there will be more chance to grind gold from farm maybe people will be more active. 
  • They should give a proper npc cost to a dg drop. example A gear drop, if that gear's npc value 30000 gold. The owner will force to sell at more than 30000+ gold. and buyer will try to manage his gold for buy. Otherwise buyer will say i buy 3000 gold u want sell? and seller will see there is no choice. These is how market goes down and they give up. So if gold production increase and dg drops get a proper npc value. People will more active to grind those.
  • Based on value every item should have a proper npc cost. Game should create a item's cost in npc. example relics, unity sign, craft resources etc. 
  • Mcoin items should have a proper npc value which will create those items market value. example if 1 piece sign cost in npc 2000 gold. owner will sell it at 2000+ gold a piece to others. and buyer will manage gold for it. Otherwise buyer will say 5000 gold for a set, seller will see npc value 10 gold then better sell at 5000 gold.
  • Why mobs have gold? do they steal gold after kill players? They should add some items(stones or cristals) on mobs which have npc worth. example normal adds drop dark stones cost in npc 1000 gold 3% drop rate, strong mobs drop blue stones cost 2000 gold 3% drop rate, mini boss drop yellow stone 5000 gold 3% drop rate, normal boss drop red stone 10000 gold cost 3% drop rate, big boss drop pink stone 30000 gold cost 5% drop rate, raid boss drop white stone 50000 gold cost and 5% drop rate. people can use this stones for trade of gold and can sell in npc.


The time i had entered first time in game i saw many players in every town and at whole map many players spread They farming. There was farmers, dg spamers and arina players.

Now days it is hard to see people at towns Except some towns like map4 t3, t4 and map2 t1, t4. 

caravan empty.png

empty t4.png

empty t3.png

empty t2.png

empty t5.png

Where players disappeared? many will say they got busy in their real life,


Then where are the new comers? who will full-fill old players place? 


My suggestion for new comers. devs should add map1 mobs drop some colorful lvl 6-8-10-12 gears and weapons which have 2-3 status and npc cost 100-400 gold. and for map2 do the same with lvl deference. Every year costume contest happen we see many costume looks well but not win any place. Use those costumes for drop at map2 boss. and make boss hard so people need party for kill boss. Must give one tutorial or auto quest for first entry in game. tutorial auto quest will give knowledge how to start a unknown game.


Don't make a char solo every thing and unbeatable. This thought killed others chars. example: after rise of wardens in game paladin, priest and druid are almost died.


My last request is take a look at crimson corundum. I think last update made craft items value down.


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9 минут назад, Lashabi сказал:

I would like to add one more point. There should be a price limit for every item (if possible, mcoin items only). For instance, any seller can't put a piece of repair more than 800g in the secondary dealer. 

have you ever seen any game with that type of trading system? Every item's price is always selected by players, not by devs.

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1 hour ago, Lashabi said:

I would like to add one more point. There should be a price limit for every item (if possible, mcoin items only). For instance, any seller can't put a piece of repair more than 800g in the secondary dealer. 

This goes against the free trade law

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1 hour ago, saicreed said:

yes i remember that time when players farm mobs and sell their loot in npc but now all loot costs 1g and mob only drops 2g.. maybe just increase gold drop maybe?

That time game had fun. How 2-3 players fight together for get farm loot and they disturb each others. That time in whole ayvon map full with players. Everyone was busy on their farm.

Now day when you walk through ayvon hardly you can see players. Game is so empty. Don't know about other servers but in us-sapphire mc side really empty.

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Any item sold to npc is a waste.

This game is played through your own currency. (PERIOD)

Amping is the BIGGEST mistake created by this game, im thinking about quiting. Sign impersh are SUPER RARE, but avalible every weekend for 229 mcoin a set. 

Yet still worth 4gold npc.

If signs impersh are not added to arena dealer by lvl 30 im quiting.

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This game is a joke
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Well Im kinda "disappearing" but its not because of the gold changes or empty towns. The game just feels kinda boring its the same stuff all the time. Every update is the same but with different art. And I can say with all honesty that I achieved everything I wanted in the game, through hard work Im not a kind of player to buy my "win". And that is the problem, the fact that there is nothing to achieve for such a long time. 

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