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Swoosh! Bzzzt! Cling!
Its day 16, and I keep on fighting,
'til this monster stop moving.


Fast, brave, Nuadu's heir.
I am She Elf The Ranger,
No one can compare. 


Evade, trap, aim and fire!
To kill this beast is my one desire.
Its soul I must acquire.


Fight, fail, and fight again.
Victory, I cannot gain. 
Oh! So much trial and pain!


Drink, drink, and drink some more.
dozens of potion drips down my core,
I never been so tired before.


Hopeless, tried, grilled to the bone. 
How can i finish this alone?
I feel so helpless, I don't want to respawn. 


Swish! Hish! Clank!
Then they came, 2 healers and a good tank!
Oh please help me gank!

Inidingli, Arcneon, and Rawden!
Now I can get even!
They helped me so much, they lighten the burden.


Lifeless. beaten. Piece of cake.
Next quest I can finally take!
I am done with the water snake! 🐍 

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