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Thank you AIGRIND team :)


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I know there're still a lot of things that need to be fixed in warspear 3.0. But stll, when last night I went to chosen and forsaken island I was very impressed. The devs have done a great job with the new factions :drinks:


If you feel inclined then pls post your thanks here too. After all these negative comments in forum, I think it'd be nice if we give them the compliment they deserve :)

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Indeed, a big thanks to all.


Reviving elves just to behead and collect as per my favorite forsaken quest so far is what i like best about 3.0. I don't know if it's just the decapitation or the fact that it is something fresh in warspear, but well done :D


..and hamstring dot I love you for that.



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yeah,this is the best update i've known so far,even though there some problems i still love it and i would like to thank the whole AIgrind-team for this :drinks:



TY ^^ :drinks:

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i have a bad think about update

when i make crossing the game crashes or be slow int. connection for 10-15 sec

this time is very important to farm/hunt at labyrinth fix this bug pls thanks:)

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