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untold story from grandpaa- eridnas(rouge), us sapphire

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Story based on imagination......

Thousands years ago there was only 4 type of peoples. They knew as mountain clan, forsaken, elves and chosen.


Mountain clan people were very hard workers. They were lives in top of the mountains in tents. They used to hunt mountain animals for food. They were very smart and fast at hunting, fighting and hiding. They were leaves in a group. There was barbarians, rouges, shamans and hunters. They makes weapons from wood and stones. They gives dead animals to forsaken and takes unique poisons.


Forsaken people were most lazy people. They were lives at waste land where they learned dark magic. They take mass and flesh from dead bodies and make dark magic from it. They use dark magic on their weapons for control others. They were used bones and skulls for make their weapons. In their group there were death knights, necromancers, warlocks and charmers. They were lazy but they can control enemies very fast. They knew only mountain clan people as friend.


Elves people were most clever and advanced at weapons and fighting. Others used to say elves were god gifted strong. They were lives in forests. They make wooden huts on trees. In their group there were blade dancers, druids, rangers and wardens. They were used woods and precious stones for making weapons.  Because of they were god gifted strong they leaves easy life.


Chosen people were very soft and small height people. They were lives in base of mountains. They made mountain stronghold. They were grind precious stones from mountains and sell those to elves for food. Chosen people were soft and small so they use stones and irons for make armours. They use precious stone power on their weapons. Precious stones were produces high magical power.


Mountain clan rouges and hunters were always goes to the forsaken land for sell dead animals and buy unique poisons. These boys were likes those necromancer and warlock girls. One day a hunter escaped with a necromancer and went to a new land. A totally new land nobody lives there. They started living there.

One day elves found a new place where nobody leaves. They named it Irselnort. At the other side of this land mc people were already living. They both started living at both opposite side of this land.


 One day two mountain clan kids were thought to explore the other side of that land. They went But they didn’t returned so some people of mc town started to find them. When they reached other side they saw those kids dead body were there and there was a town full of unknown people. They returned and called all their allies from mc for a war. It was the beginning of the Great War. They ran to the elves town and started war. Elves were lost this unexpected war.


Elves were feared and called their allies chosen for help. Elves and chosen they started war against mc. In this war elves and chosen won and mc lose badly. Many mc people were got killed by elves. Elves captured some of mc towns.


After few days mc people were decided to call dark force. They called forsaken for war. This time war happened in the middle of the irselnort. One side there was mountain clan and forsaken at other side elves and chosen. That was a big war, the war for homeland. From that time till now days the war happening. Maybe people went stronger than before and weapons are now more sharpen.


Me(rouge): So grandpa this war will never end?


Grandpa(hunter): May be never my son. Make your axe sharp and get some hp pots we have to go for war.


My name is Eridnas and I’m Rouge from us sapphire. I didn’t asked Gandpa, was he the hunter who ran with a necromancer and first found this land.


Me(rouge): Grandpa I’m ready for war.


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I like it, I like it indeed. Though, you do make it seem like the elves are bad and mcs good. Elves are good.:panda3:


I am joking, of course.


Also, I think maybe when you say leaves you are meaning lives? Easy mistake, took me only a small minute to figure it out. 🙂

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